Why ‘Advanced Search’ is the key to unlocking hidden placements | December 2019 Product Update

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Job boards are a necessity for recruitment businesses - but here’s the thing, they ain’t getting cheaper.

A great search tool on the other hand will help you save money (tons of money) because it leverages the existing talent pool in your database.

Think about this, what’s the first thing you do when you need to fill a job?

Post to Job Boards? That costs money.

Use LinkedIn Recruiter? That costs you even more money.

What about those you’ve already sourced, met and qualified? These candidates sitting in your database is worth its weight in gold - that should be a recruiter’s first port of call.

But in order to leverage what you have in your database, you need to have a powerful search tool that is not only easy to use, but capable of finding the needles in the haystack and giving you exactly what & who you need.

And that’s what we did in November. We pored through customer feedback, tested various designs, and delivered a brand new Advanced Search tool.

But that’s not all - thanks to feedback from customers, we added a bunch of new functionalities to give recruiters more power and control over the search results, all from one intuitive search interface.

Reach further. Tap into Indeed’s database.

We’ve integrated Indeed search into our Advanced Search so you can search two databases - internally and externally at the same time.

Greater control. Pick what you need.

Exclude permanent placements? Check.

Exclude active contractors? Check.

Include contractors or temps finishing soon? Check.

Narrow down results. Down to the mile.

We’re the only platform on the market that allows you to search right down to 1km/mile radius of your candidate’s home to job location - and you can see it all on a single map view.

Get strategic. Drill down by Last Activity dates.

Keeps track of all your activities and every touch point including who, what, and when.

You can also search your database using Last Activity filters to get segment call lists for business development. It’s time to hit the phones hard!

If you’re a techie, read this.

Of course, a great search tool is nothing if it is unable to scale as your database grows.

So know this: Vincere’s search technology is built on Solr Cloud. The same technology used by Instagram, NASA, Netflix, Apple and many more notable brands dealing with high volumes of data and data queries.

Recruitment is all about speed and timing, and our Advanced Search tool is built to leave no stone (contacts or candidates) unturned. It’s now easier than ever to engage them at the right time, before the competition and unlock the hidden placements in your database.

If you’re a customer reading this, thanks for your feedback - you know we’ll keep innovating to deliver a cutting-edge search tool.

If you’re new to Vincere and interested to see its full capabilities - challenge our sales team to a search today at


P.S. Have any questions? Get in touch with Vincere Support.