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From Bullhorn to an all-on-one growth platform

OutsideCapital is a level BBBEE2 executive search and recruitment advisor that specializes in building South Africa’s foremost accounting firms, management consulting houses, banks, insurance companies, corporates and listed organisations.

Outside Capital was using Bullhorn for several years but in 2017, they decided it was time to switch.

The problem was that with Bullhorn, they still needed additional point solutions to support their business workflows. Over the years, the number of tools kept growing. As the tools weren't originally built to work together, Outside Capital's team were spending extra time babysitting different tools instead of making placements.

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About Outside Capital

Industry: Finance, IT
Switched from: Bullhorn
Company Size: Medium
Location: Johannesburg, Cape Town (South Africa)
Number of offices: 2

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““Bullhorn started to feel like a legacy system. With Vincere, we are ten steps ahead of the competition.”

Jayson Theron

Managing Director at Outside Capital

We were using Bullhorn for several years before switching to Vincere. Bullhorn was decent but as we added more tools to the mix to support our recruitment efforts, Bullhorn started to feel like a legacy system,” said Managing Director at Outside Capital, Jayson Theron.

“That wasn’t the issue with Vincere - it had everything we needed to support recruitment from start to finish. Finding Vincere was a breath of fresh air."

Taking the fast lane to website success

It wasn’t long before Outside Capital was up and running with a recruitment website. They used the Candidate Portal as an extension of their website and saved themselves time and expense of building their own portals.

“We’ve had incredible success with the Engagement Hub. It looks great and saved us the hassle and expense of paying a web developer to design and build this for us. Total no-brainer for any new business or if you're considering revamping your existing website."

Outside Capital transformed its entire candidate experience with Vincere. Jayson says that “Vincere has made it easy for our business to deliver a world-class Candidate Experience and enabled them to bridge the gap between their CRM and website, so there is no more unnecessary admin for my teams.”

Effectively tracking KPIs and managing teams

"As a Director, I want a system that is going to help manage consultants. When you’re the one person who is in charge of the business performance and managing teams, keeping on top of consultant performance and targets is very time consuming, and you need to make sure you don’t miss important things.”

The company now leverages Vincere to effectively track KPIs automatically and use it for one-on-one meetings with individual consultants.

“With Vincere, I can see exactly what is going on inside the business. In terms of measuring activity levels and KPIs, the Goals dashboard is absolutely brilliant.”

A relationship built to last

“I’d been dreading the data migration but it turned out to be pretty painless. The Professional Services team managed the whole process carefully with us - communication throughout the entire migration project was excellent. Also, the guidance provided, from onboarding, training to the accessibility of the support team makes Vincere an official long-term Tech Partner for us.”

As Outside Capital scales and grows, the company continues to discover and get new value from Vincere. Jayson says, “One of the coolest upgrades we’ve seen is the AI Coach. It’s one of the best AI tools I’ve seen, it tells me (and my consultants) exactly what we need to do to move the needle. In terms of modern recruitment CRM/ATS platforms, Vincere is 10 steps ahead of the competition.”

One platform to accelerate growth.

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