What is a 'Frankenstack'?

Fran-ken-stack (noun)

  • The result of bolting an assortment of software and technologies together.

  • Not fully-integrated in terms of functionality & intelligence.

  • Not working in harmony. No 2-way sync

... a recruiter's worst nightmare.


5 tell-tale signs you have a 'Frankenstack'

5 or more different tools
& tech vendors

Your tools don't talk to each other

You're spending big on 'integration' & 'customization'

You don't know
the total cost

You're afraid of
your back office team


This terrifying 'tech stack' monster manifests in 3 forms:

Form 1


A result of recruitment vendors that either acquire businesses or stitch existing solution to create hybrid stacks.

Form 2


Typical examples are applications like Force.com or Microsoft Dynamics which rely on partners to deliver services.

Form 3


A custom developed hodgepodge of hardware and software cobbled together to support evolving business needs over time.


Why the ‘Frankenstack’ terrorizes your path to growth

💀 Integration & customization nightmares.

Code customization and integration work doesn’t come without substantial risks (and costs). Most custom projects drag on beyond projected timeframes, sucking budgets dry and thieving time from otherwise billable tasks.

💀 No dovetailing contract end dates. Uh-oh, you’re trapped.

So, you’ve signed a software contract in early 2018, an app in early 2019 and several more add-ons a few months later...what happens if you decide to leave? When do these contracts end? Can you make a swift exit? Problems around contract alignment and renewals are common.

💀 Excel hell. No 2-way sync means spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets.

Disconnected, fragmented data means that a lot of data entry, manual compilation, and spreadsheet wrangling needs to be done in order to get to the ‘big picture’.

💀 Negotiation horrors.

Imagine having to negotiate for the best deal over and over, and over again with separate vendors.Giving one vendor all your business is probably going to get you deeper discounts and better perks.

💀 Death by invoices. A eulogy to budgeting & ROI.

With a vast array of rolling annual and monthly invoices, subscriptions stack up leaving the average recruitment firm with no real visibility into ROI. Do you know the true cost of your ‘tech stack’?

💀 Vanishing vendors. Enter the ‘Vendor Blame Game’.

After all the integration work you’ve done and something goes wrong, who takes ownership? Who do you go to for support?

💀 Privacy issues creeping up on you.

Every additional tool that contains data will require additional work when data audits for GDPR and rights to be forgotten are requested.

💀 Training, support and upgrade woes.

Different vendors means separate training arrangements, separate support portals and keeping up with multiple release cycles.

Fear no more

Finally, an all-in-one platform. Pre-integrated from day one.

Meet #Vinny the 'Frankenstack' Slayer

You'll save an arm and a leg. LITERALLY.


Stop paying separately for website, CRM, analytics, timesheets and invoicing. Vincere allows you to manage your front, middle and back office operations under one roof. One vendor, one invoice.

No place for monsters to hide.

With embedded analytics and intelligence into your recruitment workflows, you get visbility into consultants' activities and performance metrics. Drill-down in real-time into every aspect of your business: by brands, teams, offices & individuals.

Eliminate the IT boogeyman


You no longer have to spend money on 'integration' and 'customization' projects.  With Vincere, data flows seamlessly across all candidate & client touch-points - no IT work required.

So easy a zombie can use it.

Instead of learning the nuances of dozens of tools and software, Vinny's easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides all the features you need to scale: from start-ups all the way to global enterprises.

Eine Plattform um Wachstum zu beschleunigen.