Stand Out from the Competition

Stand out from the crowd with your own branded microsite for your clients. Introducing the LiveList™.

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Empower Clients to Rate & Run the Process 

Your microsite allows your clients to self serve. They can arrange interviews with Candidates directly (through Vinny), add feedback, even rate interview performance against competencies they set.

Floating Lists 

Not only can you provide Long lists and Shortlists to clients,  you can also float / spec lists of candidates to your contacts even without a job. Everything in one place, no more sorting by email. 

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Make the LiveList™ yours

Brand the LiveList™ with your logo & make it a unique service you offer.

Features to help you impress Clients & make more money

Start making more placements using the only fully-featured Client collaboration tool on the market.


Catch Clients when they are 'hot'

Get notified when Clients open the LiveList™. That's the perfect time to call.


Enhanced collaboration

Your clients can easily rate Candidates, add comments and send you messages.


Give Clients autonomy

Empower your Clients to pick interview timeslots while Vincere automates the scheduling.


No more lost emails

With self-serve capabilities, your Clients can review CVs - all in one place, at anytime.


Customize the LiveList™

Control what's shared: names, photos, documents and executive briefs.


Share market maps

Tag Candidates based on your analysis of the Candidate pool. Show Clients the work you've done.

Internal collaboration? We've got that covered.

VinnyChat is our instant messaging tool that lives right inside Vincere. Start group conversations, drop in direct links to records and send files.

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"Emails are a thing of a past. The LiveList™ has given us a fresh way to engage with our clients. Now our clients have the power to securely access full candidate information, right at their fingertips."

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Michael Mandic

Partner at Anderson Wise

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