Over-reliance on

Narrow Client Base?

#1 reason that keeps recruitment

business owners up at night

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01/ Awareness

Do you know which companies are giving you the most business? & is it worth the effort?

Think Effort versus Fees.

Get a clear understanding of the amount of effort required to make that placement.
How many activities per placement? How about Sent to 1st interviews. Is your client a 'problem' customer?

02/ Mitigate Risks

Are you over-reliant on a few companies? If you lose 2 or 3 customers, what is the impact of your business? 

What about hiring freezes? Ask yourself this: what half of your top customers stop hiring tomorrow?

Avoid the 'Single Point of Failure'.

How many contacts at these companies are actually giving you jobs? Are they all owned by your top biller? Start building relationships for the future.
vincere crm pipeline

03/ Software / CRM

Does your CRM show you bottlenecks in your BD pipeline? Can you see your current CRM activity? How many open Jobs do you have right now?

Complete visibility in your pipeline.

One clear, configurable workflow to help you build relationships and turn leads > opportunities > accounts. 

04/ Client Experience

How are you standing out from the competition? 
Are you meeting the modern-day client's expectations? Speed, quality & accessibility matters.

Win more Retainers with the LiveList.

Grant clients round-the-clock access to review candidates and employee-related documents. Fully-branded and secure. All your client deliverables are in one place.
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