2017 Year In Review: Vincere Feature Round-up

If you’re already a customer, you’ll know that Vincere is constantly evolving. (Not a customer yet?) Just this year alone, we’ve cranked out ten mega product releases and that’s a milestone for us. Phew.

We’re proud of all the features we ship - both big and small - but we don’t often shout about them. So before 2017 comes to an end, we thought we’d share the top 10 innovations of the year, as voted for by our customers.

1. Introducing LiveLists™

A modern Client Portal, without the fuss

A new way to collaborate with your clients, LiveLists  help your business stand out from the competition.

No more candidates getting lost in busy inboxes. Your clients can stop shuffling between emails, searching for and re-downloading resumes. Instead, they get one secure, online and easily accessible list of candidates to review and take action from. Our customers love how fast it is to share candidates to the LiveList. Your clients can:

  1. Accept, reject, keep candidates in view

  2. Request and set-up interviews automatically

  3. Rate Candidates & add comments

  4. Forward the list internally

Key features customers love:

❤ ability to decide what your clients see - which documents and executive briefs do you want to use?

❤ instant notifications whenever your clients view the LiveList

❤ fully-branded with your logo

2. Instant Job Board

Need a professional website to display jobs for candidates to search, apply or just deposit their resume? Use the Instant Job Board.

It’s fully-branded, available in multiple languages and the best part? You can go-live with a brand new, mobile-responsive website in minutes –  absolutely no coding required.

The Instant Job Board elevates the overall Candidate Experience of your brand. Applying for a job is quick, easy and fuss-free with Apply via LinkedIn or Indeed. Candidate applications goes directly into Vincere and will be waiting for you to review inside the system (no data entry required).

Key features customers love:

❤ fully customisable to match the company’s look and feel

❤ resume/CV drop

❤ custom domain masking

❤ integrates with LinkedIn

❤ automated, customisable ‘thank you’ emails

3. Candidate Portal

The Instant Job Board was the first version of our website stack. Just a couple of releases ago, we released the Candidate Portal and built it right into heart of the Instant Job Board.

Today, Vincere offers a complete out-of-the-box website stack for you to post jobs and for candidates to register and manage their own profiles.

Key features customers love:

❤ self-serve portal for candidates to manage their profiles

❤ candidates can track job application statuses

❤ job alert subscription for candidates

❤ data syncs seamlessly with Vincere

4. TimeTemp

A winner if you run a Temp or Contract business.

What is TimeTemp?

TimeTemp is our integrated online timesheet & expense management plug-in. Using TimeTemp, your candidates (employees) & your clients (managers) can submit, review and approve/reject timesheets online.

Key features customers love:

❤ works out-of-the-box with Vincere - no setup or installation required

❤ automatic generation of timesheets in PDF

❤ managers can approve via email

To learn more about TimeTemp, go to: https://vincere.io/blog/meet-timetemp/

5. Automatic CRM

The average recruiter spends 4 hours per week updating their CRM. Just think - how many phone calls you could be making in that time?

What if the pipeline could automatically update when you spoke to a Contact, submitted a Candidate to them or took some other action relating to a job? Well, Vincere can.

Based on the actions you take in the system, Contacts (your customers/clients) will automatically be moved into the right stages for you.

6. LinkedIn Search

We know that for recruiters, LinkedIn is an essential part of your toolkit. That’s why we built an ‘x-ray’ search tool right inside Vincere and partnered up with LinkMatch to introduce a nifty chrome extension.

Simply input your search criteria and Vincere gives you a full list of LinkedIn profiles from Google. You can then easily check if the candidate already exists in Vincere using the LinkMatch add-on.

If you see a candidate or contact icon, it means yes- the candidate already exists, while a red cross means no  - an easy way to save time and prevent duplicates.

Key features customers love:

❤ search LinkedIn from inside Vincere directly

❤ save LinkedIn searches: get dynamic, realtime lists of complex searches in a single click

❤ run searches in Vincere and check that the candidate CV matches their LinkedIn profile before you send it out to a client.

 7. API v2

Over the course of 2017 we’ve been working hard on a new, improved version of our API. (if you don’t know what an API is, here’s a quick explanation.)

Our goal was simple: to provide all Vincere customers with access to the most modern, robust and secure API. The new, enhanced API is built on Amazon Cognito gateway and includes:

  1. OAuth 2.0 authentication

  2. Object-based throttling

  3. 2-Factor authentication available

  4. Custom fields

  5. Ability to link actions to KPIs inside Vincere

What does our beautiful new API mean for our customers? Well, it means that the Vincere marketplace is going to start buzzing with lots of new apps and integrations...starting with our brand new mobile App in January 2018, Xero, Astute Payroll and Mailchimp.

For more info about API, read all about it here.

8. Analytics

“If Heineken built recruitment dashboards…”

Analytics has always been our strong suit, and a key reason why Vincere customers experience quarter-on-quarter growth.

As of December 31st 2017, Vincere Analytics boasts a total of 42+ self-serve dashboards (and counting). Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge separately for our Advanced Analytics- all dashboards were given to current customers as part of their package.

Here’s a quick review of a few of the dashboards we’ve released this year:


The Leaderboard adds a dash of fun and fosters healthy competition by giving recruitment consultants a snapshot of how well you are performing compared to teammates.

Companies Stats

How much time and activity is your team spending with a certain customer & do you know if your efforts are worthwhile?

Now you can get an exact read on which customers are a time drain and which are worth investing the effort in.

Reports included:

  1. Fees by Company

  2. Jobs by Company

  3. Stages by Company

  4. Activities by Company

  5. Avg Activities per Placement

  6. Avg Activities per 1st Interview

Job Stats

An instant overview of all your Jobs: who owns the most jobs? How many jobs are active, inactive or closed? What is the average fee per job?

Reports included:

  1. Jobs by Consultant

  2. Stages by Consultant

  3. Average Fees by Consultant

  4. Activities by Job

  5. Job Aging

  6. Stages by Job

  7. Effort by Job

Want to see the dashboards in action? Play with our sample dashboards here.

9. Integration with Job Multi-posting Apps

Job posting is an essential part of a recruiter’s life, and with our integration with multi-posting technology like Broadbean & LogicMelon, you can instantly post to thousands of job boards at once.

Whether you’re posting to free sites like Glassdoor and Indeed or premium job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster or Seek, you can post and manage the job campaign directly from inside the Vincere.  

Key features customers love:

❤  one click post to all job boards

❤  candidates are redirected your website when they apply

❤ receive applications directly inside Vincere

10. TV Dashboard

Your top billers on the big screen! 

Beam this live performance up on to a TV or screen in your offices and watch the competitive spirit kick in. Top performers love the new Vincere TV dashboard, poor performers...not so much.

What’s coming?

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for the Vincere team, but we’re not resting on our laurels this holiday season.

Get ready for:

  1. A stunning new UI

  2. Marketplace (Appstore)

  3. Mobile App

  4. GDPR dashboard

Big things are coming in 2018. Along with great new features and improvements to Vincere, you can of course expect the same world-class customer support, a myriad of integrations, and a whole team of people committed to helping you grow your business.

See you next year!


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