Introducing an easy way to manage employee availability

Filling jobs around employee availability can be one of the greatest burdens for Temp / Contract recruiters, so that’s why in our most recent ‘Infinity’ update, we released a shiny new feature that takes all the hassle (and pain) away.

Using our Availability Management feature means that you no longer have to deal with updating schedules manually or wrangle spreadsheets. Simply send a bulk request to your candidates / contractors and get them to fill out their availability online. They can do it from anywhere, on any mobile device.

As soon as they hit save, you’ll be able to see these changes. Information syncs back to Vincere immediately so you can get a real-time snapshot of who’s available this week and next week all from the Candidate Dashboard.

This is perfect for the staffing needs for a wide range of industries: retail, restaurants, schools, transport, customer service and/or healthcare - regardless of which industry you’re in, you always get the visibility you need to fill jobs quickly. Empower your employees to take responsibility over their own schedule today and focus on making your clients happy.

Psst... manage Temp / Contract workers? Vincere can help you save up to 10 hours per week!

Our built-in Temp feature stack is perfect for Managers and easy for employees.

  1. Candidate Onboarding

  2. Availability Management

  3. TimeTemp: Online Timesheets, Leave & Expense management

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