Introducing vChat

We live in a world of instant Messaging.

Look around, people don’t call anymore - WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger.

Whether you like it or not, Email & SMS are no longer the mediums of choice for 2019.

The world has changed and recruitment needs to catch up.

Introducing vChat.

What is it? Think of vChat like WhatsApp or Slack, but built for recruitment.

Teams that collaborate, make more money. Period.

Got a hot job? Drop it into your vChat channel. Instantly collaborate with your team.

An awesome candidate? Share across your team and get them interviewed everywhere, through your company.

Never miss anything important. @mentions alert your team to the stuff that matters (and also send them an email notification).

Share LinkedIn profiles, Company profiles, hot Jobs and Candidates. Things move quickly.

WhatsApp, Skype, Email, SMS, FaceBook...time to pick a lane. Consolidate all important conversations in one place.

And the beautiful thing about vChat is that we’re just getting started. vChat will be an integral part of 1) the improved mobile app and 2) the Timetemp mobile app… allowing you to instantly chat with your contractors/temps as well as your colleagues.

Here are some samples of how Vincere customers are using vChat today:

  • Create public channels as Talent Pools

  • Live feed of new candidates

  • Internal management discussions using Private channels

  • Onboarding of new consultants

vChat is the built-in internal messaging tool offered as part of the Communication Hub in Vincere. To see vChat & it’s full capabilities in action, check out the video below:


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