5 Clever LinkedIn Hacks for Recruiters

With over 433 million users worldwide and 2 new users every second, LinkedIn has transformed the recruitment industry by giving recruiters unprecedented access to connect with what seems like an infinite pool of clients and candidates.

93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. That’s a sizeable stat to push those not already on LinkedIn to really think about the value they are missing out on. But one thing’s for sure, not everyone is ready to pay extra for premium LinkedIn features. If you’re not convinced to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account yet, here are 5 quick and easy LinkedIn recruiting hacks:

  1. Saved Searches

  2. Enter your search and click on enter. You’ll see a Save search option on the right corner.

  3. Name your search and set the frequency of how often you’d like the new search results to be emailed to you.

New Candidates and Clients sent straight to your inbox? Yes please!

2. LinkedIn Skills Mapping

Click on http://bit.ly/alumniskills2 . It’ll take you to a page that looks pretty much like this:

2. What you get here is a huge data set, full of information to help sift and search for the right group of people you need.

For example, you can use the search box to search for keyword, skill or industry like ‘Accounting’, it’ll then show you the aggregated data of all of the people who have included the word ‘Accounting’ in their profile.

You’ll also get information like where they live, where they work, what they do and what they are skilled in and how you are connected.

Click on any of the options to add it as filters to your search and it’ll narrow down the search results accordingly. If you look at my example below, you’ll see that I’m narrowing down the search options to include where they live – Singapore + What they studied – Accounting + What they’re skilled at – Accounting

You can also select an education date range if you are looking for a specific candidate who graduated within a certain period.

3. Now this group of people you see below is filtered based on your search options and this give you a really good network to build from, plus you can easily connect or send them a message.

3. Message people you're not connected with (No InMail required)
  1. Go to a group you are member of.

  2. Click on the number of members under the group name.

3. Hover over the members and you’ll see an email icon appear, simply click on it to send a direct message to the person.

4. Export Your Connections

Looking for a quick way to import all your LinkedIn Connections to your recruitment system or software database? Easy.

1. Under My Network, click on Connections

2. Click on the little gear you see on the top right

3. Under Advanced Settings, click Export LinkedIn Connections. You’ll have the option to either export them as a .CSV or .VCF file.

5. Going beyond the 100 search results limit

Don’t you hate it when you hit the 100 search quota?

There are several methods out there that allow you go beyond the 100 search results limit but this is 1 that I've tried, tested and works really well. Plus, it's completely free of charge, with unlimited searches and no sign-up required!

Recruitment Geek's LinkedIn Xray Search requires a bit more knowledge on Boolean searches but all you  need to do is type in your needed skills and hit enter. Voila.


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