Not using Indeed Job Posting? You're missing out.

Looking for ways to get more candidates? Online job boards are the best way to get in front qualified candidates quickly… but here’s the thing: not all job boards are created equal.

You need to consider site traffic, quality / volume of candidates, and most importantly cost - how much you have to pay per job posting. So if you want a job board that gives you the most bang for your buck, you need Indeed. More specifically, you need the Vincere <> Indeed integration.

We’re not just saying this because Vincere is an official connected ATS partner of Indeed...well OK - maybe to a certain extent yes, but you can’t argue with these facts:

  1. Indeed is the world’s largest job board with 200 million people visiting the mega job search engine every month.

  2. Indeed delivers 2.5 times as many hires as all other top-branded job sites combined: LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder.

  3. Jobs posted on Indeed yields more than 6X as many interviews.

If you ask us, the fastest way to get in front of millions of job seekers is posting jobs to Indeed. The best part? It’s completely FREE! (& uber easy to do with our indeed integration)

Lots of customers are loving our Indeed Job Posting functionality simply because it’s a huge time-saver for both recruiters and job applicants alike:

  1. Jobs can be posted directly to Indeed from Vincere at the flick of a switch. (Or automatically via an XML feed.)

  2. Job seekers will be able to apply by filling in details directly on the job application page or ‘Apply via Indeed’

  3. If the job seeker has already got their profile set up on Indeed, all they have to do is click ‘ Apply with Indeed’ button - easy!

  4. Job applications will be automatically received from Indeed inside Vincere.

Keen on getting start with Indeed and serious about maximising exposure of your jobs? Great - here are some quick tips (and useful resources) to ensure that you’re consistent with Indeed’s posting guidelines:

1. Real jobs only please

Each posting should represent a real and currently available job.

2. Clear job titles - no click-baits

Job titles should be the name of the particular job as it might appear on a business card, with no extra information. Job descriptions is where work location, required degrees, company perks and other specifics should be detailed.

3. Be specific, be appropriate

Provide as much information about the job as you can. Add all requirements, duties and benefits.

Don’t use inappropriate language. (No profanities!) Avoid “he/she,” or words that indicate candidates’ age, gender identity or nationality. For example, instead of “native English speaker” use “English proficiency.”

Resources: Do’s and Don’ts for Indeed Job Listings How to craft standout job descriptions Finding the best candidates on Indeed with Vincere

Want to get your job advertisement in front of the right candidates? Use Vincere’s Quick Post to post to the top job boards like Indeed, Broadbean and more.


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