Our customers have spoken. A fresh new look is coming to Vincere.

“We’ve switched gears. For the past few months, we’ve been working on a fresh new UI...to give customers the balance of power and simplicity they need.” - Aaron Towers, Customer Success Manager

We’re rolling out a collection of UI changes to the Candidate, Contact, Company & Job Profiles.

Why? Because that’s what our customers asked for.

The context: Over the past 18 months we’ve shipped 12 product releases to our customers. This includes launching 2 completely new products - TimeTemp and our Communication Hub-10+ new integrations to our App Marketplace and a range of new dashboards to our Analytics Suite.

After such an intense period of innovation it seemed like a good moment to pause, take stock and make sure that getting things done inside Vincere still remains intuitive.

So in early July, we ran a NPS survey (Net Promoter Score) as a temperature check to see what users really think about Vincere. We wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

“There is nothing worse than assuming what is best for our customers. Instead, we want to give our customers a voice and provide the ability to influence the direction in which Vincere goes.” - Aaron Towers, Customer Success Manager at Vincere

The results were clear. Our customers love the power of having a rich set of features that is constantly evolving. BUT, for the first time, we were starting to hear grumblings about the UI becoming...dare we say it ...cluttered.

The message was clear. Customers were seeking 2 key things:

Simplicity & Accessibility.

Rather than carry on with the planned release, we decided to prioritise customer feedback and clean up our UI. We had a number of new features up our sleeves that the team were actively testing, but once the NPS feedback was in, our team unanimously decided to switch gears.

Candidate Quick View & Summary (Old versus New)

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • We’ve moved the pipelines to the top.

  • Reorganised sections to make finding info that matters easier than ever.

  • Removed unnecessary icons to give you more space for real content.

  • Tweaked colour palette so it’s easier on the eye.

  • Reduced the colour contrast to help you focus on the important stuff - your notes and primary actions.

We listen. Then we take action.

Aesthetics have a real impact on user experience and that’s why we shifted focus completely to giving users what they really wanted.

“With a growing set of features, there will always be challenges with UI. Thanks to the constructive feedback from our customers, we now know exactly what they want, and specifically the tweaks that need to be made. These were primarily around minimizing clicks, limiting the opening of new tabs, enhancing accessibility as well bringing the most important information to the forefront.”

These are the first in a series of changes to the Vincere User Interface (UI) coming this release to improve the overall experience and effectiveness with Vincere.

Contact Quick View & Summary (Old versus New)

Company Quick View & Summary (Old versus New)

Just getting started.

To all our customers, thanks for your continuous support and feedback. These changes will help you to be more efficient and effective at making more placements and ultimately, help grow your recruitment business.

We have 2 releases landing this August, 1 in September and a further 3 planned for Q 4. All based on your feedback. Stay tuned.


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