Vincere Product Update V11.2

Hey Vincere lovers, are y’all ready for a new release? We’re rolling out a shiny new exciting feature next week that is guaranteed to have a huge impact on the way you collaborate with clients and fill jobs. If you specialise in Exec Search or Grad recruitment, please keep on reading.


Great. We were hoping you’d say that. If you’d like to know what’s coming then all you have to do is keep on reading.

Introducing Candidate LiveLists...

Stand out from the competition and win more business. Vincere’s Candidate LiveLists offers a beautiful and simplified experience for your clients. Benefits of taking your long/short lists and making them ‘Live’:

✔Enhances collaboration between you and your clients ✔Increased efficiency: reduce the steps from finding > sending candidate ✔Build your brand: a microsite that is totally frictionless for Clients to access and which contains your company branding

Shortlist and send candidates in bulk (up to 100 at a time) over to your clients. Attach the document of choice and the right executive briefs for each candidate - you decide what your clients see.

Gone are the days when your clients shuffle between emails, searching for and downloading resumes. Vincere’s Candidate LiveList was built with speed and productivity in mind. From a unique Cloud-hosted link, your clients will be able to:

  • Accept, reject and keep candidates in view

  • Indicate interview availability and arrange interviews

  • Rate & add comments

  • Remove rejected candidates from list and forward the list internally

You’ll receive instant notifications for any actions your clients take so your follow-ups are always relevant and timely. Also- and we love this- you’ll be alerted when your Client looks at the Candidate LiveList for the first you’ll know if they've reviewed the list yet.

Also, if you send new candidates to the Job, these candidates will be added to the list and flagged as ‘new’ for your clients to review - awesome!


If you like to get super detailed with your job-related tasks, you'll love this; create subtasks to divide your work into smaller, trackable action items - a convenient way to stay organised and keep your to-do list less cluttered:

  • add subtasks (linked to candidates)

  • view contact info in an easy click

  • add comments on-the-fly

  • works like a checklist: mark subtasks as complete

Other notable additions in the coming release include:

1.Manual Triggers:

Thanks to your feedback, Manual Triggers are officially back by very popular demand.The CRM in Vincere fully automatic but we know that some of you prefer to manage the pipeline manually. If that is the case, no problem - we’re granting you the full power to move a Contact forwards or backwards in the pipeline in the coming release.

2. Job Notifications

You can now notify users whenever you create a new job. Great if you’re running a 180 degree model or have multiple team members working on shared jobs.

3.Access to Dashboards

Decide who gets to see what. We’re adding a new set of permissions so you get to define which users gets access to which dashboards.

By default, Administrators will have access to all of the dashboards in the Vincere Analytics Suite.

4. New Email Notification:

Whenever a new candidate is created or is added into Vincere, the Candidate Owner will be sent an email notification.


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