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Welcome to Vincere V12.10 🙌...

What's new in Vincere V12.10...? A lot.

We’ve grown our Marketplace with new- and enhanced- integrations to SignRequest, SEEK & OneUp Sales (shoutout to our new partners!). More importantly, for our growing customer community, we’ve added significant enhancements to our product suite.

Here are the highlights at-a-glance 👀:

  1. Core CRM/ATS: upgraded doc builder and new editor in candidate profile

  2. Middle Back Office: improved compensation page layouts and added mini-upgrades to increase overall accuracy

  3. Engagement Hub: added new profile section & Onboarding ESS capability

  4. TimeTemp: several incremental, yet significant, updates based on user feedback


1/ Upgraded Document Builder

To all our customers who gave us feedback on the doc builder, this one’s for you. We’ve heard you...& now we're delivering.

The upgraded tool makes it easier for document formatting, to deliver overall improvements to the look and feel of the documents you send out from Vincere to Candidate and Clients everyday (from resumes, invoices, contracts and offer letters).

★ Enhanced formatting of paragraphs, lists & bullet points

★ Enhanced rendering of tables & cells

★ Improved spacing on page breaks

★ Improved layout of the editor in the Document Builder

2/ New Editors to Candidate Profile

We’ve added editors to the Executive Brief & Work History section so you can format and add tables in these fields. Again, this was at the specific request of our customers.


3/ Enhancements to Compensation Page

★ Layout improvements for Perm & Contract job (see old v.s. new below). New, simplified UI- so much easier to navigate.

Out with the old

In with the new

★ Compensation page & placements support up to 4 decimal places

As you can see, we’re actively making small changes here and there with each release. The goal? To make Vincere a true ‘system of record’ where accuracy is down to the last decimal/cent/pence.

4/ Home Currency settings in Placements & Invoices

For our larger customers that deal with several denominations across locations, we’ve added a new section for Home Currency to allow exact reporting on FX rates:

★ Add ‘Bank Spot Rate’ per placement or per invoice (up to 4 decimals)

★ See Conversion total, which feeds through to Fee Dashboard


5/ Onboarding with ESS (Employee Self-Service) capability

Onboarding starts at candidate submission, not just Offers or Placement (this was what YOU- our customers- told us when we released v1 of Onboarding back in 2018)

A massive upgrade to the Candidate Portal, the new Onboarding feature enhances candidate experience, from the very first touch point:

★ Create custom fields & onboarding forms, publish to candidate portal

★ Supports multiple countries with multiple custom fields

★ Track Onboarding completion status, with easy-to-read progress bars

6/ ‘Other Information’ section

A newly added section for candidates to update in their Engagement Hub account:

★ Personal Company information (ideal for Contractors)

★ Residence information

★ Visa Information

★ Emergency Contact Information (Next of Kin)


Sometimes, it’s the simple things that truly matter. Our customers helped us identify several areas in TimeTemp that needed tweaking, so here are the updates:

  1. Validation of Emails (before placements are made) to avert email duplication issues

  2. Ability to resend activation emails

  3. Unapproved Timesheets will remove related Sales & Purchase invoices inside Vincere (unless invoice has already been sent)

  4. More PTO (Paid Time Off) options: Full-day / half-day or by hour (Part of Day)

  5. For unsubmitted timesheets, users can select ( in bulk) and mark as ‘Off’

  6. Auto logout WebApp (every 24 hours)


7/ SignRequest Enhancements

Based directly on customer feedback, we’ve reworked the integration massively to include:

★ Enhanced configurability:

  • Ability to set default signatories

  • Customisable email templates & contract templates

★ Better usability:

When sending offers, you get a clear step-by-step workflow:

  • Select email template

  • Sequence of signatures

  • Preview and edit offer

  • Send

★ Automated tracking & workflows:

  • Auto-move candidate to placed stage

  • Auto-send contract info to Accountant & Job Owner

  • Document status tracking: sent, viewed, signed

Want to get more contracts & offers out and signed fast? See the SignRequest for Vincere integration in action:


Designed specifically for customers based in ANZ, recruiters can now post jobs directly to SEEK and receive candidates automatically inside Vincere:

★ Select advert type: Classic / StandOut / Both

★ Post up to 5 different locations (per job per post)

★ Unpost / Edit & View advert

More to come in July ‘19 & August Releases:

As we gear up to launch the release this weekend, we've already got more lined up for what's coming in v12.11 & v14:

  • Deal Process Management (for recruitment companies that needs a deal process for sales)

  • Fee Estimator: including company linked templates & margin options for Contract jobs

  • Zapier

  • And more (stay tuned!)


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