[Product Update] Vincere v10.3

In this coming release, we give you enhanced Candidate views, CRM automation and the ultimate Fee Forecast dashboard, alongside many other upgrades.

Read on for a teaser of what's to come.

The Shiny & New Features:

1. Introducing automatic triggers: A CRM that sets the pace

The average consultant spends 4 hours per week updating their CRM. Just think about the number of phone calls you could be making in that time. As a recruiter, our time should be spent on getting jobs and filling them, not updating CRM information.

So, we thought, why not let Vincere take over these tedious, boring pipeline updates for you? What if the pipeline could automatically update when you spoke to a Contact, submitted a Candidate to them or took some other action relating to a job? Well, now it can.

Based on the actions you take in the system, Contacts (your customers/clients) will automatically be moved into the right stages for you.

Here’s a few examples of how this works:

  • When you create a new Contact, Vincere instantly moves them into 1st stage of the CRM and marks them in yellow as Pending

  • As soon as you send a resume to a Contact, they will be moved down the pipeline to the 4th stage of the CRM (Contacts with Jobs & Candidates)

  • When you make a placement with them, the Contact will be moved to the last stage of the CRM

With a CRM that is truly automated, you now get an extra four hours per week to get real work done. You’re welcome.

2. Fee Forecast Dashboard: Show me the money

If you run your business by the numbers and want to get a handle on how much future revenue is really in your pipeline, then this is the dashboard for you. The new Fee Forecaster assigns a monetary value to every Candidate, every job and every action you and your team take against them at every stage in the placement process. More than a static report of lines and numbers, this is the ultimate dashboard for coaching, rewarding and uncovering flaws in your business.

As a manager, you make assumptions - but with the Fee Forecast dashboard, your best guesses are backed up by facts.

Get an accurate forecast fee based on the total number of open jobs you have in your pipeline and the percentage chance of success throughout every stage of the pipeline, from shortlist through to offer. Test your assumptions against historic & live data.

Get all your questions answered in one, data-rich dashboard:

What is the $$ value of activities I have in the current pipeline?How real is my pipeline? How many actual deals can be closed on time? Which deals are overdue... and what's the $ amount attached to each one?Are my consultants really busy or are they just holding on to empty deals?Identify the busy fools, the lazy superstars. Who needs to ramp up activities and exactly at which stage are they not hitting the mark?When are placements going to be made... when will we get paid and how much?

Data is only valuable if you take action from it. Your Fee Forecast dashboard not only tells you a clear, visual story of the $ running through your business right now but it also gives you the option to action Candidates or delete rotting deals directly from the dashboard interface. No other system can give you this level of insights into your business and then allow you to take quick actions on them. A perfect combination of predictive analysis and actionable insights.

Click here to play with a live demo of the Fee Forecaster.

*This is all part of our ongoing quest to reduce the amount of clicks required to get stuff done inside Vincere. We’ll be dedicating webinars to showing how to get your Fee Forecast dashboard firing- so watch out for those.

3. Custom Fields

Even though Vincere takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to documenting Candidate fields, we understand that every recruitment business is unique. You’ve always been able to add custom fields to Jobs. Now, in this release, we're giving users the ability to add custom Candidate fields too. You can add as many custom fields as you like, all of them will be indexed and searchable within Vincere.

4. API key

Every Vincere account now comes with our API key, making Vincere much more open and easily connectable to other cutting-edge software. We strongly believe that the ability to easily get data in and out of any system is the way of the future. This is paving the way for some mega integrations that we have coming your way in the next few months. Watch this space.

Improvements & Updates:

5. Improved Quick Add

More fields in Quick Add :

Preferred name, enhanced address field (auto-suggests based on Google Map locations), employer, industry , functional expertise, current salary - monthly/annual and quick fee forecast and many more.

LinkedIn Parsing:

Quickly add new Candidate and Contacts by parsing their LinkedIn profile into the system. Copy, paste, parse - that's it!

6. Enhanced Candidate Profile Views

We've made massive Candidate profile layout improvements to make information scannable and so much easier to find.

Candidate Profile - Short Summary

Get quick Candidate info and Contact details. These fields is now fully editable for you to add quick notes and make contact updates.

Candidate Profile - Medium View

Everything is now organised in tabs, giving you just the right amount of information required to make a quick scan through resumes, linkedin profile & recruitment history.

Candidate Profile - Large View

A combination of short summary + medium view to help you understand full the Candidate story: from basic details to comprehensive work and placement history.

7. Additional filters in Advanced Search

You can now filter & sort results in the table with column filters.

We'll be having webinars to walk-through these upgrades so we're looking forward to having you join us on those sessions!

If you have feedback or questions about the updates, don't hesitate to comment below or get in touch.


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