[Product Update] Vincere v10.4

We’ve got big news to share! (and a couple of product tweaks that we know you’ll appreciate) So grab a coffee and read on for what’s in store for tomorrow’s release.

The Shiny & New

1. App Store

So many of you are already using apps to help run your businesses. We want to make it easier to use these apps alongside Vincere. Our new App Store is where you can easily integrate those tools you’re already using and add in a few new ones to the mix. With the flip of a switch, you can easily connect Vincere to any application available in the App Store.

Disclaimer: not to be confused with your typical iTunes App Stores, the Vincere App Store is pretty sparse right now but will be filling up over the next few months.

2. Volcanic Integration

We’re kicking off the launch of our App Store with Volcanic, a cloud-based recruitment marketing website solution which allows users to design and build their very own website.

If you’ve already got a live website powered by Volcanic... great news! Just turn Volcanic on in the App Store and you’ll be able to post jobs to your website and start receiving candidate applications directly inside Vincere.

To learn more about Volcanic, email us at info@vincere.io to find out more about getting started.

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated and be the first to know whenever we add a new integration to the App store.

3. Updated Fee Forecaster

We’ve added a brand new tab to the Fee Forecaster dashboard.

Fees in recruiting are amongst the hardest in any sales discipline to forecast – until now. The fee forecast dashboard turns fee forecasting on its head. No longer do we just measure job forecast fees x by the% chance of placement – in our dashboard, Vincere applies a value to EVERY active candidate in your recruiting pipeline and then compares this with your job forecast fees. This provides an amazingly accurate picture of fee pipeline using the one thing that really matters – activity.

(Click here to view live dashboard)

The new tabs gives you an instant at-a-glance view of:

  • Pipeline from shortlisted to offered ( in real-time)

  • Fees earned in the last 12 months + placed & invoiced fees

  • Fee forecast based on total Candidates + average weighted fee per candidate

  • Fee forecast based on total jobs + average forecast fee per job

  • Activity ratios

Play with the live dashboard here or view your very own dashboard inside Vincere after the release this Friday.

You spoke. We listened.

Thanks to feedback from you-  our amazing customers- we’re continually improving Vincere to make it more responsive, flexible and focused on helping you make faster placements. The following improvements and updates are for you:

Improvements & Updates

4. Updated Layout of Candidate Short Summary

Information is now displayed in 2 columns so no more scrolling required.  Hoorah!

5. Take Faster Actions

We’ve replaced the ‘Action’ button in the Candidate Job List with ‘Job Related Actions’. This means you that you can now choose from a range of actions from the actions list (including Rate Candidate) just by clicking on the Job Related Actions button.

6. Improved Load Time

We know that Vincere is critical for your business and every second counts, so with the upcoming release you should experience decreased load time and faster performance across the ATS  ( Candidate & Job Dashboard) & the CRM (Contacts & Company Dashboard).

Even though we’re ready for the launch of this release tomorrow, we’re already working on the next release. We hope that you’ll enjoy the changes we’ve made.

Remember to keep sharing your feedback - or we’ll keep asking!


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