[Product Update] Vincere v11.4 - A Teaser of What's Coming

It’s amazing to think that we’ve already shipped 15+ new features so far this year, including the release of a brand new online timesheet & expense module specifically for Temp / Contract recruiters. Without a doubt, shipping new features to help you make more placements remains our top priority, but it’s also our job to make sure that every Vincere user enjoys an intuitive and engaging Vincere experience.

This coming release, be prepared to see massive improvements in design, usability and speed. We’ve spent countless hours ( and sleepless nights) thinking of ways to make the app cleaner, simpler and the user experience (UX) more elegant. The result? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out as we'll be rolling out changes to the interface incrementally over the coming months.

In the meantime, a new release in landing in 2 weeks! Ready for a sneak-peek?

1. Quick Views

We’ve redesigned quick views to allow you to see relevant information quickly, edit and/or action from the view. This speeds up the process to find and action candidates, jobs, companies & contacts without having to leave your list.

There are a lot of cool add-ons here:

Search Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter / Xing for contacts and Candidates and add to the system.

See all activity related to each entity and skip to each stage quickly if required and action accordingly.

Edit contact information for each entity.

Candidate short summary has been merged with new view so the fields are configurable for the candidate. See all activities (Candidates & Contacts).

NOTE: Jobs & Companies activities will be updated and added at the end of September.

Candidate Quick View

Contact Quick View

Company Quick View

Job Quick View

2. ATS / CRM

You’ll also see changes in the ATS & CRM - we’ve added:

a) Infinite scrolling:

An efficient, faster & cleaner user experience. Use the new “Range select” option in Actions to skip forward in longer lists.

b) New table filters:

New filters means more control over what you see.

Filter ATS table views by Candidate type:

  • All Candidates

  • My Candidates

  • My & My Groups (Teams) candidates

Filter to jobs linked to or candidates that have been shortlisted / sent etc to specific contacts / companies.

Also filter jobs and candidate now by job type.

This will filter your entire ATS for both jobs and candidates giving the user a more personalised user experience to allow them to focus more clearly on their work.

In addition to the UI makeover, we’ve added  a couple of features that people have been waiting for:


Create targeted lists & send messages that hit home.

Quite simply, Distribution Lists are Talent Pool for Contacts. Create as many segmented Contact lists as you like - you can set them as public / private lists or share only with specific users.

Set up lead groups, manage these and sent bulk emails. Whether you use contacts as headhunting lists or as leads for new business the Distribution lists will help you better organise lists moving forward.


New functionalities, better experience.

New day type / leave selection

When submitting timesheets, employees are now able to select Day / leave type:

  • Public Holiday

  • Sick Day (Paid)

  • Sick Day (Unpaid)

  • Holiday (Paid)

  • Holiday (Unpaid)

Users can add paid holiday and sick days for each contract or temp placement - these will be fed through to TimeTemp and the numbers will subtract for every holiday / sick day taken.

The Public holiday also links to pay rules so if the employee works on a Public holiday the appropriate pay rule will apply.

White labelling

You can choose to display your company logo within the app. Turning on the white-labelling option means that your company logo will be displayed:

  1. In TimeTemp app itself

  2. Emails

  3. Approved PDF T-sheets

Approve via email

Now whenever an employee submits a timesheet, managers will receive an email with the submitted timesheet details, and the ability to approve or reject the email right there in the email. No more signing in, no more wasted time.

A copy of the timesheet will be included in the email, along with any receipts.

Terms for Manager & Employee

Define the Terms & Conditions according to your needs and it will be displayed in the app when your employee submits a Timesheet and when the manager approves/rejects the timesheet.

Other notable changes include:

1.Faster CV load times

2. Suggest matching email address when adding email recipients

3. Easier Contract pay / charge calculations

4. Gmail OAuth upgrade

With the improved 'sign-in with Google' authentication method, connecting your Gmail account to Vincere is so much simpler.

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