Top 10 Recruitment Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

We’ve scanned millions of tweets to find some of the best recruitment experts to follow on Twitter. Stay up-to-date and get most value out of your daily feed by following these experts to help inspire and grow your business. These are people whose expertise and tweets we enjoy, and we think you will too.

In no particular order:

GREG SAVAGE (@greg_savage)

An established leader in the recruitment industry, Greg is a regular keynote speaker of staffing conferences around the world. He writes frequently on his site, The Savage Truth, one of Australia’s top 20 business blogs – a must-read for recruitment company owners and professionals. Voted the most influential person in the Australian recruitment industry in the past 60 years, Greg is a force to be reckoned with.

Follow him on Twitter at @greg_savage.


In the last 30 years, Col has set up 4 successful recruitment agency businesses. Having amassed a strong understanding of labour markets, in-depth knowledge of strategic recruitment methodologies and industry trends, today he helps recruitment agency owners stay ahead of the curve by recommending the ‘best of breed’ products to grow their business. He hosts free monthly webinars designed to optimise recruitment businesses and maximise ROI.

Get his updates on Twitter at @RecTech14.

TONY RESTELL (@tonyrestell)

Tony is an expert in social media marketing and regularly shares social media strategies and inside tips on his blog at He also runs recruiter focused webinars to help small businesses and recruiters market and increase their social media presence.

Check out his Twitter at @tonyrestell for more social recruiting tips and tricks.

JIM STROUD (@jimstroud)

Author of 3 recruitment books and producer of ‘It’s all recruiting’ podcast, Jim Stroud is an expert sourcer and recruiter. Besides being cited frequently online and in publications, Jim is widely regarded as a digital influencer and recruitment training master.

Find him on his website at


Michael Keleman, better known as The Recruiting Animal needs no further introduction. He is the host of the Recruiting Animal show and each week, the rapid-fire host puts his guest in a hot seat and delivers an hour of what he called ‘a fast-paced, hardball forum of recruiting infotainment’.

If you’re up for a rowdy recruiting talk show and don’t mind getting your stomach hurt from laughing too hard, check out

JACKYE CLAYTON (@jackyeclayton)

A professional multi-tasker, Jackye is an international Career Coach, Talent Consultant and editor of online publication She’s the expert when it comes to sniffing out the most informative pieces on tools recruiters should use.

Follow the queen of recruitosphere on twitter at @jackyeclayton.

KATRINA COLLIER (@KatrinaMCollier)

Trainer and global keynote speaker at leading recruitment events like SourceCon, DK Recruitment Day, SOSU Sourcing Summits etc, Katrina is chief searchologist on social media.

Get your frequent dose of social recruiting tips and tricks at


A globally recognized leader in Sourcing, Recruitment Research and Recruitment Marketing, Shally has helped build recruiting engines for Fortune 500 brands like Microsoft, Google, Coca-cola, Cisco and Motorola among many others. He is also a frequent contributor to top industry forums and speaker at leading conferences.

Follow him on Twitter at @shally to get insights on talent sourcing.

LOUISE TRIANCE (@louisetriance)

Louise is Managing Director at UK Recruiter and runs the UK Recruiter knowledge network site,, a one-stop information resource for all levels of recruitment professionals.

Besides writing for recruitment publications and regularly on Linkedin, she also shares her thoughts and recruitment research on twitter.

Find her on twitter at @louisetriance.

CHRIS HOYT (@therecruiterguy)

Talent Engagement and Marketing leader at PepsiCo, Chris is a seasoned industry expert in the realm of interactive/social recruiting strategies. Easily recognised as the most innovative recruiter in business today, he coaches recruiters and sourcers on ways to attract and recruit Talent.

Follow him on twitter at @therecruiterguy to see what he reads and shares.

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