Recruitment Round-up: August 2016

The Vincere Team is always on the hunt for ‘What’s New’ in recruiting - trends, new tools & changes in the industry - so we thought why not curate the best articles we read during each month and share them on our blog? This way, you get a summary of the best and all the recruiting knowledge you need in one single blog post.

Here are the five best that we found across the web in the month of August.

1. Millennials are Thriving in the Workplace, According to LinkedIn Data

This post by Alexandra Rynne has got 1.6k shares on LinkedIn and counting. If you’re trying to crack the code on Millennials, then this is a must-read. She gives a quick rundown of the key findings LinkedIn found in their recent Millennial study. It definitely busted some of the misconceptions we had about Gen Y and we think it’s one you should read too.

2. Search Like a Master in Three Simple Steps #NoBoolean

Irina Shamaeva shows how you can search for candidates without search operators with an easy-to-follow 3-step search model. Step 1 requires you to identify where you want to search. step 2 involves creating a search template and step 3 is where the search magic happens. This trick will leave you searching the web like a pro - no boolean black belt required!

3. 7 things every recruiter must do to thrive now!

Greg Savage, one of our all-time favourite industry expert lists 7 things recruiters should do in order to be successful. & our favourite quote from this post? “ Use your neck-top, more than your laptop.” Need we say more? Read his blog post for more nuggets of wisdom.

4. Will you recruit a money-driven candidate?

Liz Ryan takes a Agony Aunt approach in this column as she writes about a common hiring scenario that everyone in recruiting can relate to. If you think that you won’t hire candidates asking for higher salary than what you are willing to offer, but this post might change your perspective about these ‘money-driven’ job seekers.

5. 7 Things Every Staffing Recruiter Should Do to Stay Competitive

Yes, another ‘7 Things’ type blog but we think reading such posts are the fastest way to learn tips and tricks on how to improve yourself as a recruiter.

Barbara Bruno shares seven strategies you can adopt that successful staffing and recruiting professionals do to find the best talent when you feel there’s a shortage of qualified candidates.

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