Social Media for Recruitment: Quality vs Quantity

*A special guest post by Hayley Jenkins from The Social Geeks

Quality vs. Quantity... it's an age-old argument and, despite a few exceptions, quality usually comes out on top and wins the battle. The basic principle of quality over quantity is a message that resonates in most aspects of life.

And it's a principle that shouldn't change when it comes to social media. The reason for believing that quality wins over quantity is actually three-fold. You want quality over quantity in:

  1. The social media channels you use    

  2. The content you post    

  3. The followers you gain

All these three factors need to be examined a little bit to tease out why quality should be your watchword. So, here goes.

Social channels: For the few, not the many

The slogan 'For the many, not the few' will ring a few bells, no doubt. But when it comes to the social media channels to use, less is more. Think 'the few' not 'the many'.

Although less businesses are making the mistake these days, it is still pretty common to see recruitment companies spreading themselves way too thin on social.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn... yes, there are plenty of channels to choose from. Do you really need to be on them all?

No. Not at all. In fact, it's much better to focus on 2 or 3 channels rather than trying to maintain a worthwhile presence on 6 or 7. In other words: quality over quantity.

Content: Quality Content is King

It was Bill Gates who first coined the phrase 'Content is King' way back in 1996. He was right, of course. On social, regular posting of content is a necessity. Consistency is crucial but any social media strategy is only ever as good as your worst piece of content.

Regularly and consistently posting content is not enough on its own. If the content you are posting is poor and doesn't engage your audience then it doesn't really matter if you post once a day or ten times a day. The content needs to be of a consistently high quality. Once again, quality over quantity.

Followers: It's not all about the numbers

Another social media banana skin that can make businesses slip up is being seduced by the number of followers they have on their social channels. Obviously, it stands to reason that, in general, the more followers you have is a good thing. However, when it comes to followers it is the quality of the engagement that matters, not the quantity of followers you have.

The number of followers you have pales into insignificance when compared to the comments, interactions and conversations that you have with them.

The key to building a brand identity is engagement. So, yes - you've guessed it - even when it comes to the number of followers you have, it's quality over quantity once again.

Going for quality over quantity is a commitment. It pays to spend more time to produce less content. Alternatively, you can get somebody else to do it for you! Get in touch with the Geeks to see how we can help you ensure that quality wins over quantity on your social media channels for your recruitment business.

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