Specialized Career Consulting: The Pioneer in the Mongolian Recruitment Industry

Sometimes you have to leave your home country to grow. For Amarsanaa Tsembel, a born and bred Mongolian who left his native shores in 2007 to work as a recruiter in Japan, leaving home and then returning was one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions he’s ever made.

Having lived abroad and worked with top global recruitment companies, Amar brings with him bags of international exposure and recruitment expertise back to Mongolia. Speaking to us about his recruitment firm, Specialised Career Consulting, Amar shares the success of SCC and some of the lessons he has learnt along the way.

VC: Tell us about yourself and how/why you started SCC.

Amar: Previously, I was a recruiter in Tokyo specialising in Finance and IT. 6 years ago, I moved back to Mongolia just as the economy was picking up and started Specialized Career Consulting. I’d seen and learnt enough about how to build a recruitment firm  and saw the opportunity to translate all of this experience into my own business. Of course, adapting from working into Japan back to Mongolia was a shift- but, ultimately, recruitment is recruitment, people are people and striving to offer a world-class service is the same wherever you are.

VC: What’s the recruitment industry like in Mongolia?

Amar: Mongolia is a vast country with a rich heritage. We are fortunate to be endowed with natural resources and a smart, hardworking population.The economy has been rapidly expanding here over the last few years and the main factor contributing to the rapid growth it’s thriving mining industry. Servicing this growing sector is at the heart of SCC. Today, a key focus for our company focuses on HR outsourcing services for huge mining companies like OT. We partner with companies on large scale recruitment projects and we see this as a huge opportunity for our business. For example we recently partnered with a global IT firm to build a team of 200 staff here in Mongolia, a contract that we managed end-to-end for our client with fantastic results. We are seeing more and more projects like this, as global firms realise that Mongolia is a sleeping giant in terms of professional services: people here generally speak decent english and have an incredible work ethic.

Although business for us is booming, it’s worth noting that the recruitment industry in Mongolia is still very much at its infancy. There are still not a great deal of international recruitment firms here. I guess that is for good reason-establishing operations and getting up and running is still challenging, especially for a non-native.

VC: What makes SCC different?

Amar: In a word: integrity. We’ve seen a number of agencies use unscrupulous methods to win deals and place candidates, perhaps taking advantage of the fact that the industry and legal framework here is still developing-  but that’s not our style. Companies may be different from country to country but, ultimately, they all share certain things in common: they want to work with recruiters they can trust, who are reliable and who really understand what their business is about. That's why our clients are loyal and come back to us again and again- we deliver results consistently.

VC: We notice that SCC hold the IS9000 certification. This is quite a demanding process- why did you decide to get this accreditation?

Amar: Simple- having this globally recognized accreditation is a benchmark of quality and assures our international bluechip clients of the quality of our service. Rather than just say we are good at what we do, we have a formally recognized certification to back us up. The whole process of going through the IS900 certification is not easy and it took time- but it was the right thing for the business and, we believe, is a key differentiator between us and our competitors here in the Mongolian recruitment market.

VC: What’s the vision for SCC?

Amar: Our vision is simple:  to become the go-to recruitment firm for companies hiring in Mongolia. Our reality- the way we’ll achieve this vision- is to operate with utter integrity and give the best we can to both clients and candidates every day.

VC: How important is it to have the right CRM to grow your business?

Amar: Technology is crucial for our business. I find it crazy that some companies want to develop their own in-house system. There’s a stark difference between a self-built system and a system that is developed professional by software vendors - the top reasons? No headaches. No time wasted. Why spend 2-5 years spending extra resources on developing the in-house solution when you can get going straight away with a system that is already built to do what you need?

VC: How is your experience of Vincere so far?

Amar: This is the only CRM that I’ve used which really works the way recruiters do. It’s so easy to use, intelligent and analytical. It focuses on what needs to get done, no mess, no time wasted. If I had to a put a number to it- I’d say Vincere has helped us save up to 40% of our time and is 30% more efficient than other recruitment systems I have tried. This is groundbreaking stuff for the recruitment community.

VC: What can we expect from SCC in the future?

Amar: I have 6 full-time recruiters in my team now- all bilingual Mongolians. Depending on the political climate, we’re planning to expand into Myanmar with plans to go international within the next 5 years. If we keep experiencing the same growth we’ve seen so far in 2016 then the future's looking bright- bring it on.

To learn more about Specialized Career Consulting, go to http://recruit.mn/ or Connect with Amar on LinkedIn here.


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