The 2018 Rewind: Vincere Feature Round-up

As 2018 comes to an end, we're wrapping up the year and reflecting on where the past 12 months have brought us.

This year, we shipped 6 mega releases. This included the addition of several automation tools, a supercharged Engagement Hub, the expansion of Vincere’s capabilities to the middle and back office, not to mention a host of new apps and integrations into our marketplace.

To mark the end of 2018, here’s a review of our customers’ most-loved features:

1. Temp / Contract Recruitment

If you deal with Temps & Contractors, you’ll know that we’ve gradually rolled out additions to our Temp/Contract piece throughout the year (with a lot more to come in 2019). Today, you can run your entire Temp/Contract desk on one single system.Yes, that’s your front, middle and back under one roof:

✔ Request Availability

Send ‘Request availability’ emails to candidates in bulk and get your candidates to update their availability online on a fully-branded page.

Their availability feeds back - in real time - to Vincere for you to see available workers at a glance. You can then filter candidates by availability (this week, next week) and send candidates, with the right skills to the right jobs effortlessly.

✔ TimeTemp

TimeTemp, our out-of-the-box timesheet platform has grown by leaps and bounds this year. You can now manage time, expense & leave, paid time off - all in one place.

Temps & Contractors can submit digital timesheets whilst on-the-go...Managers can review and approve via email. With links to invoicing, Vincere turns approved timesheets into draft invoices, ready for you to send out.

To learn more about TimeTemp, go here.

✔ Contract Renewals

Manage contracts throughout their lifecycle - from contract generation, through to renewals and termination. All documents sent and received are managed within Vincere.

Plus, with our SignRequest integration, you’ll be able to get your contracts signed electronically.

2. GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance was, understandably, a huge concern for our customers this year so we pushed out a complete toolstack to help recruitment businesses tackle compliance. Here’s a summary of the GDPR features inside Vincere:

✔ Dedicated privacy section to track compliance related data

✔ Track Candidate’s Consent status: Unknown | Pending | Consent given | Withdrawn | To be forgotten

✔ Audit-ready activity logs: see timestamped logs of every interaction

✔ Bulk outreach emails: ability to seek consent and run permission pass campaigns

✔ Self-serve Candidate Portal: candidates can log in and update their personal data anytime.

✔ Request to be forgotten

✔ Withdrawal of consent (job-specific)

✔ GDPR Compliance Dashboards

3. Auto-Matching

A popular addition to the Vincere search console, our auto-matching feature now does the heavy lifting of Boolean search for you.

At the click of a button, Vincere matches Candidates to Jobs and auto-suggests candidates for you. Vincere will, based on the desired skills, location and experience for a job at hand, craft a Boolean search query for you. You can then drill out of or further into the search to refine your search, further modifying the auto-matching rules to get a list of best-matched candidates.

4. Engagement Hub Updates

Little did we know that what started out as a simple jobs page for our customers would grow into one of Vincere’s most popular features, the Engagement Hub.

An out-of-the-box website solution for recruitment businesses, your Engagement Hub is a 3-in-1 feature stack for your website, designed to sustain engagement with your candidate and client communities:

Client Portal:

✔ Clients can view all their open jobs Candidates and Employees

✔ Clients can access candidate documentation and perform key actions

✔ Submit vacancies

Candidate Onboarding/Compliance:

✔ Request documents from candidates

✔ Candidates can access their profile 24/7 and perform key actions

✔ Candidates can self-set job alerts

Built-in SEO:

✔ Unique Job Page URLs

✔ Crawlable Job Pages with Meta tags

✔ Sitemaps

Google-for-Jobs ready:

✔ Optimised out-of-the-box for Google-for-Jobs

✔ Structured Data Markup

✔ Google Search Console

Learn more about Google for Jobs & SEO capabilities of Engagement Hub here.

5. Approval Process

Ensure compliance with offer approvals. Now, you can set up approval workflows before the offer is sent out.

Here’s the approval process in action:

6. Invoicing

Our invoicing module delivers the ability to send out Sales, Purchase and Retainer invoices, plus issue credit notes. Here’s the skinny:

✔ When a Permanent placement is made: invoice is auto-created based on placement details

✔ When time-sheets are approved: invoice is auto-created based on timesheet details and pay rules

✔ Retainer invoicing: invoice in separate tranches against a single job

✔ Ability to build and customise invoice templates (across multiple brands): Sales | Purchase | Credit Notes

✔ Track payment & invoice status

✔ Export invoice (and timesheet) data to CSV

7. Job Posting

This year we partnered with not one, but three leading job posting tools on the market so you can get your jobs posted to multiple job boards, and in front of millions of job seekers easily. In addition to our native Indeed integration, you can now get your jobs posted on:

  1. Broadbean

  2. LogicMelon

  3. Idibu

From inside Vincere, you can post and manage all your job adverts. All applications received go directly into your Vincere account, waiting for you to review and take action. Our ‘Flagging Management’ setting gives you advanced controls over which CVs are automatically parsed and added into Vincere.

8. Brands

Manage multiple brands? Vincere has got all your business units covered.

✔ Customise brand-specific templates in our Document Builder Wizard

✔ Primary brand management ( if you work with many brands)

9. Dashboards

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. A key differentiator between Vincere’s analytics and our competitors is that all of our dashboards are truly out-of-the-box. Nothing to setup or install. No need to plug in 3rd party apps or hire expensive consultants to get the data you need.

Here are a few of the new dashboards we rolled out in 2018:

✔ Temp & Contract

Track & manage your Temps & Contractors - a holistic overview of your Contract Book. Use the filters to slice and dice, and drill down by:

  • Status: Active,Temp to Perm, Finished, Terminated, Renewals

  • Time period: Hour, Day, Week, Month

  • Pay Interval: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, monthly

  • Timesheet: approved, unsubmitted, rejected

✔ My Stats

We believe that it’s important for consultants to have access to a real-time, accurate view of performance at their fingertips. The My Stats dashboard gives them exactly this- a focused snapshot of their own activity levels and revenue performance. Includes a condensed, personalised version of the Temp & Contractor dashboard.

✔ Candidate Source

See where your best candidates are coming from, which job boards are delivering for you and where you should invest your resources for the best ROI in 2019.

10. Integrations

We’re all about making life easy for you. 2019 will be bringing a LOT more integrations to our marketplace... but in 2018, here’s a sample of a few recent integrations:

Daxtra Search:

From a Candidate or Job profile, you can now launch DaXtra search and match in one-click.


Send email campaigns to your Talent Pools & Distribution Lists.


Get your offers, contracts and renewals sent out and signed electronically. All signed documents sync automatically into Vincere.


Twilio allows you to send personalised text messages to your candidates right from inside Vincere without having to whip out your mobile phones.

To all our customers, thanks for being part of our 2018. You are our partners and your support has made Vincere what it is today.

As most of you make preparations for the holiday season, the Vincere elves will be hard at work laying the groundwork for an exciting 2019. Stay tuned! (Yep, we’re gearing up for the next release in Q1 2019)


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