The Vincere Temp Scheduler

2020. True Pay & Bill Automation is Here.

A key feature on Vincere’s immediate roadmap is The Scheduler.

The Scheduler comes with a powerful stack of features designed to give Temp/Contract businesses on Vincere a major competitive edge. The Scheduler works in a 2-way sync across the entire Vincere platform: bringing your worker mobile app > CRM/ATS > scheduler > timesheets/expenses/invoicing > analytics > into one unified loop.

Here’s what you can expect from Vincere’s Scheduler. From one interactive calendar view, you’ll be able to:


  • Quickly add a Job (tagged to a specific location)

  • Build rosters to match your clients requirements

  • Add shifts easily in a day/week/monthly calendar view: including split-shifts & overtime schedules


  • AI-powered search automatically matches a list of temps based on your criteria

  • Configure the auto-matching criteria, based on: availability, rates & location. See whether a Candidate has previously been to the Client and, if ‘yes’, view historic Client feedback/rating

  • Ability for you and your Clients to rate temps and view ratings on a per-job basis


  • No more ring-arounds: bulk send ‘Update Availability’ requests via email or SMS to Temps

  • Branded Availability widget: allows Temps to update their availability online via mobile

  • Worker availability syncs back to Vincere and is searchable


  • Deploy workers to job and confirm bookings

  • Send confirmation/offer letters in bulk

  • Get notified when workers accept / reject assignments

  • Get contracts signed fast with e-signing: Vincere is integrated with SignRequest


  • Easily find a shift replacement when a candidate cancels

  • Get visibility on time off / leave requests & availability schedules


  • Always know who’s starting, who’s finishing (automatically updated)

  • Take bulk actions: finish Jobs or early-termination of Jobs

  • Send renewal notices to Temps

Rather than just being a reflection of activities happening elsewhere in the system, our Scheduler is the hub from which blue-collar/temp agencies will run their bookings and their desk. Sounds cliche, but “Putting the right people in the right places, at the right time,” is spot-on for what the Temp Scheduler does.

Note from our Head of Product:

"2020 is the year of Automation. Everyone is "talking about it" but when it comes to Pay & Bill it's mostly just that- 'talk'. To make automation truly work, all Pay & Bill systems must sync seamlessly 2-way. From managing availability, scheduling shifts, bulk placements, document / compliance / verification to timesheets/expenses/leave, to invoicing and reporting on Booked/Deferred/Recognised revenue, to effortlessly exporting into accounts; without a 2 -way sync, automation will remain a pipe dream.

Other vendors talk about automation, but in reality they are performing a "1-way sync" with multiple 3rd party systems. This requires 5 + logins, 5 more vendors , 5 separate reporting systems and the whole "who is responsible for what" shambles that these 'integrations" entail. Many of these so called 'syncs' are done manually, 1990's lipstick-on-a-pig style.

If all systems you use for Pay & Bill do not sync 2-way, in every facet, automation will remain just the buzz word that so easily slips out of those silver tongued salesman's mouths like it does today. Building software is actually quite simple. Getting it to sync with another system, or 4-5 systems together, that is the really difficult part.

This is why we’ve spent the past few years building out our own timesheet/expense/leave management tool with mobile apps, advanced analytic dashboards and an availability tool linking to Temp Scheduler. From the ground up, specifically for the staffing and recruiting world. It’s not been the easy route. But it’s the only way to make the panacea of a truly automated front/middle/back office a reality for our customers. Our approach to providing 1 unified offering, with a seamless 2-way data sync, is the key to delivering true automation to staffing and recruitment agencies.

For Pay & Bill solutions, switching to a new vendor is a 5-10 year marriage. It entails a lot of work. If you cannot find a unified solution, do not rush, do not settle for the one-way sync approach. Keep searching. Or talk to us and join the journey towards true automation."

If you’re looking for a solution to manage your Temp/Contract recruitment business, you should be speaking with us:


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