Top 5 Vincere #WFH features for remote team management

As businesses globally conform to #WFH, one of the most frequently asked questions by recruitment business leaders and owners on the Help Center, is this: “How can Vinny help manage and track my teams’ activities / business performance?”

Vincere is a super-deep platform so it’s easy to overlook functionalities, so in this blog we’ve identified 5 must-use features that are ready-to-go in minutes, yet guaranteed to pack a punch and move the needle.

1. vChat

You can stay safe and remain connected at all times with your teams using vChat.

vChat is an instant messaging tool that lives right inside Vincere - a great way to reduce inbox clutter, and communicate with your team in real-time.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Send direct messages to teammates

  • Create and send group chats

  • @mention other user(s) to notify or start conversations

  • Send, share & delete files

  • Create private & public groups

  • Tag Candidate / Job / Company / Contact in conversations

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2. Goals

With the Goal console, you can use default goals or create your own custom goals. Activate to link them to system-based actions and track KPIs automatically in real-time.

What you get is an at-a-glance overview of performance for each goal / target you’ve set.

The best part? Instantly drill down into teams, locations, brands and individual consultants. (Well, we don’t mean to toot our own horn but can your analytics tool let you slice and dice any way you want it, and deliver real-time metrics in seconds?)

For managers, this is an effortlessly effective way to see in real-time what's going on.

3. Team Planner

This is a great tool inside Vincere that effectively helps consultants stay organised and focused: all their tasks, meetings, calls and activities in one place.

For you as a manager, you can filter down by each team member to get visibility into their work day.

4. User Engagement dashboard

This shows you consultant activity levels & platform usage including number of log-ins and time stamps.

It’s not all about policing. You need to enable, and this is even more crucial when your teams are not in the office. Knowing what’s going on so you know who requires support and just a little more TLC during these challenging times.

This also saves you time from having to jump on many meetings/calls, just to check in or asking what your teams have been up to.

5. AI Coach

This is one of our newest dashboards powered by AI & machine-learning.

We call it the ‘dashboard for lazy leaders’ but really what it does is show you exactly what you need to do to hit targets, without you having to do any reporting or calculations.

The AI coach is also personalized and available for individual consultants. Great to help your teams stay motivated, track performance and see how much they are billing.

Learn more about the AI Coach.


Repeat this mantra: If it’s not in Vincere, it doesn’t count.

This is a fool-proof philosophy that many Vinny customers are adopting to ensure that everything is logged, tracked and stored inside your CRM/ATS.

Instilling this philosophy in your teams will ensure you get accurate metrics and visibility on whether business is moving forward as it should be, no matter where your teams are.

6. *Bonus* Exclusive for Vinny customers

If you need more out of our pre-built analytics, our amazing partner OneUp Sales is currently offering a lite version of their product, OneUp Lite, completely free for 3 months!*

They’re offering access to their reporting features for all Vincere customers during the coronavirus epidemic. The full platform offers gamification and TV screen tools too. Here’s a quick sneak-peek of their Matrix feature which is included in OneUp Lite:

Inside it, you can:

  • Track individual & team targets

  • Build, save & load custom data reports

  • Share reports with team members

  • View real-time performance data

  • & much more

What we love most about OneUp Sales is how easily businesses can gamify recruitment and add a little bit more fun by tapping into the recruiter's competitive nature. A great addition to help drive usage of Vincere in your teams.

To learn more, click here for more info.

*Terms & conditions apply.


Vincere is the CRM/ATS for ambitious recruitment firms. 

Founded in 2012, Vincere is designed specifically for recruitment companies covering Perm, Contract & Executive Search, with built-in front, middle and back office capabilities. Vincere’s action-driven interface prompts, prods and pushes recruiters towards the one thing that truly matters: Placements. 

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