Turnpoint Consulting - The Emerging Tokyo-based Recruitment Consultancy with Ambitious Growth Plans

Here at Vincere, we see customers as co-innovators and partners. It’s always a privilege knowing that they trust Vincere to support their growth plans, and it’s even more exciting when we’re part  of a new recruitment venture.

We spoke to Andre Lindeque, Representative Director at Turnpoint Consulting, an emerging recruitment company specializing in the automotive industry based in Japan, to tell us more about his new venture and share what makes Turnpoint Consulting so unique.

Vincere: Tell us more about yourself, what you do at Turnpoint Consulting & why the move to Japan?

Andre: How I came to Japan isn't a particularly unique story - like many before me and after me - I came to Japan for an adventure and then ended up falling in love with the country, it's people, customs and culture.

I first got into recruitment with Access Technology Japan which was a Tech Specialized Headhunting company where many giants in the recruitment industry were "nurtured" in a very old school sales environment and we had this incredible training provided externally by a legend in the recruitment industry, Peter Leffkowitz and his Morgan Methodology. When I joined the JAC Recruitment Group in 2010 it was that Morgan Methodology that formed the foundation of my success and I rose through the ranks to Senior Manager in their subsidiary JAC International eventually being responsible for managing all of the teams.

Now at Turnpoint Consulting I have the title of Representative Director although I am what I have always been and will always strive to be - the best hands-on recruitment consultant I can possibly be.

Vincere: How did Turnpoint Consulting start?

Andre: I had worked with a small boutique headhunting firm, with the 3rd largest contingency recruitment agency in Japan and finally in the subsidiary of that very same large recruitment agency. I wanted to create a company from scratch which didn't have to exist in the shadows of a very domestic parent company together with a confusing branding message to the Japan market -  so I looked at opportunities to do it with recruiting firms coming into the market and also at the option to start the firm myself. My passion for recruiting in the automotive industry and the lack of companies coming into Japan with that vertical led me to set up Turnpoint Consulting. So I took the plunge and apart from some bureaucratic hurdles we got everything ready for our targeted start date of 1st April 2017.

Vincere: Tell us more about the Turnpoint Consulting Approach. What makes Turnpoint consulting different?

Andre: Our values are simply : we are relationship driven, work with integrity and provide high quality results.

From an operational standpoint what we have with Turnpoint Consulting is a firm that is built operationally around good solid processes. It's not the messy environment of a small boutique operation which was started by boutique headhunters who have never experienced a truly scaled organization. It's built to scale. It's also a firm that is aggressive and capable of identifying talent without only relying on registered candidates which the candidate-registration based model of recruitment can't truly offer.  Data and intelligence is built up in the database with the discipline of a Japanese organization but the flavor of the consulting provided is international - professional but neither rigid nor subservient.

From a customer service standpoint our candidates are brought into a Turnpoint Consulting service model which is going to take care of them and will respect them with a solid privacy policy - something that I've seen neglected by consultants in my competitors in the past and which I would love to see stamped out in our industry altogether. Who could argue with the statement that dirty tricks should never be rewarded.

So I guess in a nutshell what makes Turnpoint Consulting different from everyone else is we have the structures, operations and ethics of a scaled reputable organization already present in what is for the moment still a very small organization, while having the tools and capabilities that make small boutique operations attractive to work with for clients.

We're small but geared for growth.

Vincere: What’s your vision for the company? Any plans for the future?

Andre: I have a vision for the company to be in multiple geographies - most likely Japan, China, Germany and the US - covering the automotive industry across the globe and from top to bottom.

The first piece of this puzzle is to build a solid base in the Japan region and be known for the recruitment we do here with our automotive clients - whether foreign capitalized or Japanese firms.

Once we have the dominant market share here we will take it abroad and start putting into place the pieces of the puzzle that will make for a very compelling story - a Japan-based, truly international, automotive specialised recruitment consultancy.

I will know we are getting close when Carlos Ghosn, Elon Musk, Sachin Lawande (Visteon) and Volkmar Denner (Bosch) all know who we are.

Vincere: What were the challenges you were facing before you used Vincere? How did Vincere help?

Andre: Well I didn't have any challenges because I had just started up but certainly I couldn't function without Vincere.

Actually before I even started Turnpoint Consulting, I had heard about Vincere from someone in the industry with a big Japanese firm had been considering changing over to Vincere and the senior management team had opted against it and went for a Japanese vendor instead. (Their loss, Vincere!)

So when I set up Turnpoint Consulting I took a look at it and wasn't disappointed.  I'd heard so many good things about it from various people who had used it, that it was a no-brainer.

Vincere:  Which specific feature do you like most about Vincere?

Andre:  I'm sure everyone says this but the Job Board. It's amazing.

To learn more about Turnpoint Consulting, visit http://www.turnpoint-consulting.com/  or connect with Andre here on LinkedIn.


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