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Last weekend, we rolled out a brand new update to Vincere. Our 7th release of 2019. To see the top 5 enhancements in this September release, read on.

1. Retainers: now available in the Fee Dashboard

The Fee dashboard has become a true go-to dashboard for our customers. Here, you can track Actual versus Target fees by brand/team/division/location/job type/consultant. You can already filter by Perm/Contract/Temp fees and now, we’re delighted to announce, this includes Retainer revenue. 🙌

For our customers in Exec Search, we’ve now added Retainers as a drilldown option.

Here’s what the updated Fee Dashboard now shows you:

  • New Stat: Total Invoiced Retainers

  • New filters: See Placement or Retainers only

  • Invoiced Retainers numbers

Fee Dashboard | Vincere Analytics Suite

With this latest addition, you now have all Fees in 1 place, with full drill-down capabilities available to you right-out-of-the-box.

PS: We’re working on some new dashboard visualizations for Deferred Revenue, so keep an eye out for this in our Q4 release notes.

2. Renewal Profit Splits

The old Vincere way: when a contractor was renewed, the profit splits from the original placement would automatically be cleared to zero.

The new Vincere way: the profit splits from the original placement are now copied across to the renewal placement record.

This helps you calculate exact profit splits across all your role- including new placements and renewals too. Automatically, with no manual work required.

*This enhancement to our renewals workflow was a direct suggestion from our Customer community...enjoy guys.

Profit Splits | Placement & Renewals

3. View Original Resume & Add Comments (at the same time)

One handy function our customers suggested and we’re pleased to deliver.

If you’re speaking to candidates on the phone whilst viewing their resume, you can now add comments at the same time, in the same window.

Add Comments & See Original CV

4. Departments

You can now configure departments within companies. You can then assign Contacts within that company to the relevant department(s)….a great way to clearly map out your organizations.

Departments | Company Profile

*In future, Vincere will sync Department information over to TimeTemp, our timesheet and expense portal. This will enable Managers/Recruiters to view Contractor/Employee shifts and attendance by departments….This is functionality we are currently ‘dog-fooding’ here internally at Vincere, so watch this space.

5. Increased Permission Options for Admins:

Vincere already comes with a robust matrix of permissions that can be assigned to various groups or individual Users inside Vincere. In this September update, Admin users can now toggle on/off the rights for users to:

  • Edit departments for Companies & Contacts

  • Delete records (including Contacts, Companies and Deals)

Permissions | User Management

And whilst we have you here...If you don’t know much about us, know these 2 things:

  1. We are Product-First: 75% of your investment goes straight back into R&D.

  2. Customers are our co-innovators: we listen, we take your feedback and put it into Vincere.

We are lucky to have a vocal community of customers who are passionate about Vincere. We’ll never stop innovating with you. #thevincereway #vinnylovesyou #winningiseverything

*We’re kicking off Q4 off in style, with a huge release planned for October. Details to follow shortly 🚀.


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