Vincere Customer Spotlight: Career Scout Japan

When it comes to understanding how Vincere can help grow your business, our customers say it best. Keep on reading to see how Rocco Trapanese, Managing Director of Career Scout Japan, feels about his Vincere experience so far.

Career Scout Japan is a leading recruiting firm focused on the SME accounting and finance sector. Since 2013, the Tokyo-based company has grown 400 percent and has established itself as a niche player with a reputation for providing an efficient, effective and enjoyable service.

“We’re a boutique, growing firm but we’re not looking for world domination. Our vision is simple: to provide the absolute best accounting & finance recruiting service to small and medium size firms in Japan, for clients and candidates alike.”


Looking for a CRM/ATS platform for a small but growing recruiting firm with an affordable price. Has to be fully-bilingual, Japanese-English. Ease-of-use imperative.


Career Scout chose Vincere because it's the only fully bilingual CRM/ATS built to drive revenue for growing firms. Localised features like Japanese resume parsing and job board integrations save consultants time. Analytics and dashboards give management the insights they need to grow the business.


On cutting-edge technology:

“Prior to Vincere, I had used several legacy systems which were more than 5-6 years old. I knew when I launched my own firm that I needed cutting edge technology and get access to the latest and greatest innovations to power growth. I realised that Vincere was a CRM that would be able to grow with my business. Happy to say that this has been the case.”

On measuring what matters:

“As a growing firm we’re always keeping an eye on candidate generation numbers. I need to track where our candidates are coming from and drill down into what value we get from each source. Vincere gives me that- you just log in and it’s right there. This is groundbreaking stuff for a recruiting business.”

On analytics:

“Before Vincere the world was dark. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. Analytics like the Candidate Source dashboard give me an exact measure of where our best candidates are coming from, so I can adjust our focus accordingly. As Managing Director it is crucial that I know what is going on across my business: from how many CVs are sent out, through to number of interviews happening. Vincere takes the blindfold off and provides me with all the information I need to run a better business.” 


“We’ve blown past our annual sales quota in just 6 months with Vincere. That’s good, solid ROI."

On saving time:

"Vincere frees me up to spend time creating revenue rather than wasting time pulling reports or tracking KPIs for my team. It helps us get candidates to our clients quicker than competitors. That gives an edge that sets us apart.”

On co-innovation:

“We’ve been using Vincere for 2+ years. In terms of the pace of innovation, we are seeing upgrades happen every few months. Super fast. We are constantly passing on ideas for improving the product and, as customers, the Vincere team really listen to us. To be co-innovating on the platform that we use as an integral part of our daily routine, that’s huge.”

On ease-of-use:

“I can get my hands on the information that I need right when I need it. Our company handles a substantial amount of volume. At any one time, our consultants will be handling sometimes two to three times the amount that a typical recruiter would, so we have to be well organized. We can control how we organise our data inside Vincere which makes it easy to search, review and submit it saves us a lot of time.”

On the journey so far:

“It has come together beautifully. Vincere goes way beyond just being a database tool or regular ATS/CRM. It provides the platform necessary to not just survive but to grow. It’s become very much an essential tool for our success."

On Support:

“On top of everything else, Vincere is an Asia-centric system. It’s a CRM that works for all my consultants, whether in Japanese or English. If I need support, it’s there. To anyone in Asia thinking of using a US or European system, these are the realities that you need to think about. Having great dedicated support on hand is massive.”


Weaponizing recruiters through Tech.

Vincere is the all-in-one platform for recruitment and staffing agencies worldwide. Designed to weaponize recruitment businesses through cutting-edge tech, Vincere's suite of modules are natively built and pre-integrated from day one.


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