[Product Update] New Year, New Release!

We’re kicking off 2017 with a couple of product updates! Read on to get the lowdown on what’s to come in the latest release.

1. LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn is an essential part of the recruiter toolkit – and now you can do an ‘x-ray’ search directly inside Vincere. Simply input your search criteria and Vincere gives you a full list of LinkedIn profiles from Google.

On top of this:

  • Save search criteria: get dynamic, real-time lists of complex searches in a single click. If someone has recently updated their LinkedIn profile, they’ll automatically be pulled into your search.

  • Candidate audit: run searches in Vincere and check that the candidate CV matches their LinkedIn profile before you send it out to a client.

  • Avoid duplicates: run searches in LinkedIn and Linkmatch (keep reading) will flag up if the candidate already exists inside Vincere

  • Enhanced search capabilities – quickly find LinkedIn profiles for people working at companies already in your Vincere company records database

2.LinkMatch for Vincere

Make candidate sourcing on LinkedIn much more efficient with the Vincere-LinkMatch plugin. Linkmatch automates LinkedIn sourcing by telling you if the candidate already exists in Vincere.

How does it work? Well, it's very simple. A green tick means yes- the candidate already exists, while a red cross means no – you can add this candidate to Vincere database. An easy way to save time and prevent duplicates.

3. New Editor

As much as the old editor was functional for adding and editing content, the feedback we've got from users was that it wasn't easy to use. That is why in this release, we've dedicated resources especially to improving the editing tool for you.

The new WYSIWYG HTML editor supports:

Spell Check

File Management

PowerPaste (a.k.a the improved Microsoft Word paste that keeps the original format).

You’ll see the new editor in action when creating:

  • Email Signatures - Just copy, paste, done.

  • Job Descriptions

  • Email Templates

  • Resume Templates

You also have the ability to create and include Cover Pages to go with the Main Resume Page . If you don’t need a header and footer, hide them.

What about your existing content? Will they work with the new editor? The answer is yes! All of your customised templates, resumes & signatures should load without any issues.

Psst... We’ll also be adding the editor into the Comments section so you’ll be able to start formatting comments very soon. Stay tuned!

4.Broadbean Integration

With the new Broadbean integration, Jobs created in Vincere will automatically be posted to a large network of Job Boards, free and niche sites, as well as and social media channels anywhere in the world.

No more cut-and-paste jobs, the Vincere-Broadbean integration helps increase data accuracy whilst saving you time to do what matters most - recruiting.

To get Broadbean up and running with Vincere, simply enable Broadbean in the Vincere Appstore and make sure that Jobs are set to Public. You can also post Jobs to Broadbean through Quick Post.

5.Candidate Sources Dashboard

Ask yourself this: Do you know which sourcing channels gives you the most qualified candidates? Or are you posting blindly?

The Candidate Sources dashboard gives you a real-time analysis of all your Candidate sources so you know exactly which places you’re getting the best candidates from, and how to optimise your advertising spend.

Recap: In our previous release, we introduced the Quick JobBoard - a micro-site for candidates to search, share, apply for jobs or deposit their resume. We’ve received so much positive feedback from you (thanks for all your support!) and decided to give you even more.

Also in the new dashboard, you can review the performance of your Quick Job Board overtime and get a visual breakdown of:

  • Total v.s. Unique Visitors

  • Total v.s. Average Job Searches

  • Total v.s. Active Job Listings

  • Total v.s. Active Job Applications

  • Total v.s. Active New Candidates

  • Total v.s. Active Resumes Sent

Click here to play with the live dashboard.

6. Analytics: Revamped Menu

Clicking on Analytics tab now pulls out a side menu of all your dashboards. This makes going from one dashboard to another more accessible and easier to navigate around.

That’s all we have in store for this coming release, but the team at Vincere is already working on the next one so stay tuned for updates! (Hint: It’s going to be mega!)

As usual, if you have suggestions for Vincere you’d like to see become a reality, we’d love to hear them.


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