Vincere X Zapier: Early Access is here

Zapier was initially launched in the Vincere marketplace back in April (beta release) and, thanks to the directional feedback we’ve collected from our wonderful customers, this brand new update takes our Zapier integration to the next level.

What is Zapier?

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, here is what it does in a sentence:

Zapier is a platform that helps apps talk to each other.

All it takes is just a few clicks to connect Vincere with another app using Zapier. Automations (zaps) can be set in minutes and don’t require any coding skills at all.

To learn more about Zapier, click here.

What can I use Zapier for?

You can connect Vincere with a variety of web applications to automate your recruitment business workflows. Here are some categories of workflows you can create:

Vincere to Your Marketing Platform:

Send personalized email campaigns with marketing platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot & Autopilot

Vincere to Your Accounting System:

Send specific offer letter and placement information to your accounting, timesheet or back-office systems

Vincere to Your Messaging App:

Get customized alerts about important events via email, push notifications, SMS or any other apps

So, What’s New?

This update gives you more triggers, actions & greater customization over the information you send and receive from Vincere.

New Triggers - what is a Trigger?

You can now use Zapier to kick off any workflows in your other apps whenever:

  1. New Job created in Vincere *new*

  2. New Placement made on Vincere *new*

  3. New Candidate created in Vincere *new*

  4. New Candidate added to Talent Pool

  5. New Contact added to Distribution List

New Actions - what is an Action?

You can now use Zapier to automatically take the following actions whenever trigger events happen:

  1. Create new Contact in Vincere *new*

  2. Unsubscribe Email from Vincere

More Options

Now when setting up templates, you can choose from a greater range of data (up to 100+ candidate, job & placement related data points) to push into your other apps.

Here are the most popular Zaps ready for use that our customers requested:

Vincere to Your Marketing Automation Platform:

  • New Candidate added to Vincere Talent Pool > Add New Contact in Autopilot

  • New Contact added to Vincere Distribution List > Add Contact to List in Autopilot

  • New Candidate added to Vincere Talent Pool > Send Campaign in MailChimp

Vincere to Your Accounting System:

  • New Placement made in Vincere > Create Invoice in QuickBooks

  • New Placement made in Vincere > Create Bill in QuickBooks

  • Do more with Xero

Managing GDPR, Privacy & Compliance:

  • New Candidate created in Vincere > Unsubscribe Email from Vincere

  • New Unsubscribe in Mailchimp > Unsubscribe Email from Vincere

Send More Configurable Notifications:

  • New Job created in Vincere > Send Email in Gmail

  • New Placement made in Vincere > Send Slack Message

More Workflow Automations:

  • New Entry in Typeform > Create new Contact in Vincere

  • New Submission in Formstack > Create new Contact in Vincere

We hope the sample workflows listed above inspire you. Our goal here is to set you free from doing repetitive, admin-heavy tasks in Vincere...simply set up a Zap and let the automation do the heavy lifting for you.

You can expect to see the number of Zaps increase over the coming months, as we continue to take customer feedback on this popular new integration.


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