Vinny Lands in Ibiza

We have 1300+ customers and 80 people across 5 offices globally: London, Sydney, Singapore, Saigon.

We kept quiet about this - but in 2020, we actually opened an office in Ibiza.

Why Ibiza?

When we tell people that we’ve opened our latest office on the White Isle, we get mixed reactions. Let’s face it, when you hear the words ‘tech’ and ‘Ibiza’ in the same sentence you probably think ‘techno’ rather than ‘tech business’.

Let me be clear- Ibiza was not a random choice. We considered several locations for our European hub: Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Krakow and Ibiza. Berlin came a close second. But, given the socio-economic landscape right now, it had to be Ibiza.

Sure, there are challenges. It’s expensive (for tourists, not for locals). The traffic in August is a nightmare. Perhaps not the best place if you’re still partial to the rave. But we believe that Ibiza is a hidden gem, and not necessarily just for tech firms like ours.

Here’s 3 reasons why Vinny landed in Ibiza:

1/ Talent:

  • Employee Attraction: EMEA is a massive growth market for us. We had to figure out a way to support Dutch, German, Spanish, French customers in their native language. London is an expensive, competitive place to hire. In Ibiza there are very few opportunities to work in tech, in a role with a growing business, with a stable year-round income. We’re tapping into a generation of ‘Boomerang kids’: people raised on Ibiza who leave to go to Uni and want to relocate back. Loads of talent + little competition = no brainer.

  • Retention: turns out the option to relocate to Ibiza is an easy sell internally. The kind of people we hire are typically under-40, entrepreneurial in spirit and with an international outlook. We’ve a strong track record in hiring people, nurturing them and relocating them to global offices. Guess which office is now top of everyone’s list?

2/ Strategic Location:

With direct flights to pretty much every European city, Ibiza is commutable. Sub 2.5 hours into London. It’s safe: islands are easier to lock down in a pandemic than any city. Stunning nature. Cosmopolitan mix of people. Good schools. The weather. I mean, why not Ibiza, after all- it’s a great place to live.

3/ Nobody is doing it (yet)

This rhetoric has always served us well at Vincere. When we started Vinny in Tokyo, people laughed. We built out our dev teams in Saigon, our competitors sneered (Atlassian had 300+ devs in Saigon for many years btw). Ibiza: people roll their eyes. We are not looking to build a huge office in Ibiza, we’re a tech company after all, BUT we’ll run it as we do all our offices, as a high-performing, fast-paced environment where ambitious professionals thrive

Aside from the above, I’ve known the island for many years so I understand its seasons and its allure very well.

Our Ibiza office is located at Talamanca Beach, 10 mins from Ibiza Town.


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