You ask. We deliver. So now, what’s happening in 2019?

Yes, it’s 2019 and almost exactly 1 year since we launched our voting-based Feature Request Forum. Through this forum, we’ve gathered lots of valuable feedback - which is great because we’re always working hard on making Vincere stronger, faster and more useful for our customers.

We are different. We see our customers as our ‘partners in co-innovation’, and this is not just a marketing spiel.

I'll be honest - sitting at the intersection of Customer and Product, it’s tricky finding the right balance between keeping customers happy and staying within our roadmap.

To put things into perspective for you: we’ve had 317 NEW feature requests last year, which on average means at least 1 brand new idea every day in 2018 (minus the weekends).

That’s why even though we focus on your feedback, we don’t make empty promises on something that will never come to life (much to the disappointment of some customers). Because realistically, we cannot deliver them all. As much as we want to keep everyone happy, we’re brutally honest about what we can or cannot do. We find the ‘zero-bull’’ approach works out best in the longer-term.

Over the holidays, we took stock of what you - our customers - really want to see inside Vincere and which of the top-voted features could be incorporated into the 2019 roadmap. I’m pleased to share that several of the top 10 most upvoted customer suggestions of 2018 have made it into the very first release of 2019.

Here’s just a few:

1. Two-way SMS | Twilio

We’re not only giving you the power to send and receive messages, you can also create groups, customise templates and send messages in bulk. This was a much requested enhancement of the previous 1-way SMS that we released back in Feb 2018.

2. Merge records

Yep, no more duplicates. We received a lot of feedback that the previous merge functionality inside Vincere was too basic. With the new, enhanced Merge you can get granular and choose which fields to keep or overwrite. You can also preview merged records and track all merge logs by record type and user.

3. Configurable Job Application Forms for your website | Engagement Hub

The Engagement Hub started life as a simple job board but, throughout 2018, it evolved to become one of Vincere’s most popular features: a fully-blown Job, Client and Candidate Portal with its own Google For Jobs and onboarding console. You told us you needed fully Configurable application forms….and we’re delighted to be able to deliver them in this January release. You can now define what questions you want your applicants to complete when they apply via your website, using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No coding or API work required.

4. Move Clients to a new Company

Now when your Clients move to a new company, you can update their current employer and reassign their responsibilities - including timesheet approval permissions- to an existing Contact at the ‘old’ company. This wasn’t an easy one to implement quickly because of all the ‘relationships’ that are inherently tied to an Company/Contact/Job … but we managed to squeeze it into this release.

5. Job Leads

This is something that so many of our customers requested throughout last year. We have now added the ability to track Job Leads - rather than just Jobs- inside the CRM pipeline. This is a cleaner way of tracking ad-chases or Client Pitches and demarcating what Jobs are prospective leads and which are solid job-orders.

This release is our first step towards delivering you a dashboard that helps track conversion ratios around Job Leads > Jobs and, in general, it’s part of our journey towards delivering more depth to the current CRM.

The rec-tech space is crowded, and listening to customers is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the traditional software vendors. If you ask me, it’s no coincidence that we were rated #1 by Gartner for usability & user recommendations. Just last year, we pushed out 8+ releases. Refresh your memory. We ask for a lot of feedback, and we react quickly to what you tell us.

To all our customers, thanks for all your feedback.

We’re on a constant pursuit to make Vincere better. If you’ve been with us for a while now, you know that we are relentless with our innovation. Our goal is long-term customer success and this aligns with our business model. We’re SaaS, true cloud. We’re constantly iterating and re-iterating on the platform and the feature stack.

Just quick word about the forum, we’re focussing on getting feedback on Version 2 of the Vincere Mobile App for the next few months. Whilst our native mobile app (which landed back in Jan 2018) is pretty slick already- we think there is definite room for improvement. Is there anything you'd like to see changed, improved or added to the Vincere Mobile App?

Please keep your feedback coming. The team here is always up for hearing your ideas, issues, and concerns. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

To see what we have planned for the rest of Q1, check out the Roadmap.


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