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Gruppieren Sie Stellenanzeigen nach Segmenten, Aufgaben oder Marken. Erwecken Sie Aufmerksamkeit und helfen Sie Talenten, relevante Vakanzen schnell zu finden.

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Aktivieren Sie Filter, um Bewerbern zu helfen, Stellen nach Branche, Standort, Kompetenzen und vielem mehr zu sortieren.

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Candidate Experience verbessern

Erweitern Sie Ihre Dienstleistungen mit einem Kandidatenportal. Talente können somit eigenen Daten pflegen, sich bewerben und ihren Status verfolgen.

Funktionen, die Frustrationen beseitigen und mehr Bewerber anziehen.

Unkompliziert genug für jeden Nutzer. Raffiniert genug, um Ergebnisse zu liefern.


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Praktische Suchfunktionen

Kandidaten können anhand von Filtern leicht die passenden Stellen finden: nach Branche, Standort & Gehalt.

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Vakanzen direkt im Postfach

Ermöglichen Sie Kandidaten die Verwaltung und das Abonnieren von Jobbenachrichtigungen. Ganz nach ihren Wünschen.

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Optimiert für Google for Jobs und integrierte SEO-Funktionen.

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Erleichtern Sie den Bewerbungsprozess durch automatische Eingabeoptionen über Indeed oder den Lebenslauf.

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Geeignet für jedes Endgerät

Für mobile Endgeräte optimiert. Erreichen Sie Kandidaten, auch wenn sie unterwegs sind.

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Recruitment terms & glossary:

Recruitment portals, commonly known as job boards, are websites that allow recruiters to post job openings and find qualified candidates. These sites are designed to ramp up the efficiency of staffing businesses - by enabling users to parse resumes based on keywords or qualifications. This makes it possible for recruiters to shortlist potential candidates based on skills, keywords and qualifications in their resume.

Recruitment portals, often known as job boards, are websites/ software created to help recruiters streamline the recruiting process. Recruiters may use these portals to publish job ads with bespoke application questions - as well as to search for prospects and resumes more quickly.

Thanks to the help of job portals, recruiters are able to better communicate with candidates, which in turn, helps nurture relationships and ensure that they always have high-quality profiles ready, as and when their clients need a new resource.

A reliable platform for job advertising

For a long time, job boards have been the go-to channel for candidates seeking the best job offers. As a result, recruiters can make use of these platforms to advertise jobs - and quickly find qualified applicants.

A huge database of candidate information

Job portals provide a large resume database where recruiters can search for high-potential candidates, including those who are not actively searching for a new opportunity. Being able to keep records and contact potential applicants when the time comes is crucial to increase the efficiency of your recruitment operations.

Enhance company branding

Many job boards enable users to set up a company page on their website to showcase a company's history and work culture, as well as any other information that would appeal to potential applicants.

  • Work with clients to optimize JDs
    Writing job descriptions is the first step to attracting the right candidates. As a recruiter, you should make sure that the JD document accurately reflects what is required (or not required) for a certain position. For this purpose, it’s best to work with your clients closely - in order to settle on the specific details and keywords included in the description.

    Aside from a friendly tone of voice, a good JD should include the following information:
    • Title
    • Work location
    • Qualifications
    • Job responsibilities & benefits
    • Instructions for application etc.

  • Recheck your job posting before publishing
    Don’t forget to check the job postings for spelling errors. A well-written one will make you look more professional - not to mention, it also makes it easier to impress candidates and increase the rate of applications.

  • Publish more postings on the job board
    In order to increase reach to potential candidates, don’t be afraid to publish as many postings on the job portal as required. Also, be reminded to make use of filters - so that you may be able to search and evaluate candidates with maximum efficiency.

Job portals are designed to simplify and speed up the recruitment process - by enabling recruiters to easily and quickly find suitable candidates for their clients.

Here are a few tips on how to use these sites:

  • Choose a portal customized for specific industries:
    To optimize the efficiency of recruiting procedures, it’s better to search for job boards which specialize in a specific field. For example: If you are looking for people working in fashion, marketing or technology, finding a portal that focuses on those specific industries will help you reach the most suitable candidates, quickly and efficiently.

  • Research and include the right keywords in your postings:
    Since candidates often use search engines such as Google to scour for career opportunities, job postings should contain relevant keywords, so that they may appear in search results and receive more views. As a recruiter, you should research keywords that candidates may be interested in, before inserting them into the job descriptions.
    When it comes to which keywords to include in your job postings, the general rule of thumb is: be as specific as possible. For instance, if you are looking to fill in a developer position, instead of resorting to general terms such as “programming”, use specific words/terms like “Javascript”, “PHP”, or “AngularJS”.

  • Keep your postings up to date:
    There is nothing more confusing and unprofessional than leaving overdue posts for a position that is already filled in. That’s why it is crucial for recruiters to frequently upload new positions - as well as to remove those that are invalid.
    In addition, sometimes there might be multiple openings for one position. In that case, it is recommended that recruiters create various job listings for that one role.

    What’s more, there are times when your clients don’t have any open positions, but may be in need of candidates later. As a recruiter, isn’t it nice for you to have a place for storing resumes for the future? Just create a post with the title “future opportunities” - so that you may save qualified resumes and applications for later use.

With so many portals for recruitment available, determining which one to invest in may prove to be a tough decision. Here are some essential features that recruiters must pay attention to:

  • Applicant Tracking: Being able to access applicant status and contact information help recruiters to work closely with applicants and assist them if necessary
  • Resume Alerts: Nothing better than constantly receiving new resumes weekly/ monthly. This function makes it easier for recruiters to enrich their candidate profile database - and to quickly find those that fit their clients’ requirements.
  • Customization: The more customized the job board is, the more likely recruiters are to work more efficiently.
  • Performance Reports: This function helps managers monitor and measure the effectiveness of recruiters, thereby making appropriate adjustments to the team’s operations.

Most staffing software today are designed with job boards to better facilitate the recruiting process. If you are looking for a solution to improving the efficiency of candidate search and management, look no further than Vincere - an all-in-one recruitment agency portal with various integrated features such as:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Job posting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Activity and Tasks Management
  • Application Customization
  • Customizable Recruiting Workflow
  • Email template and more