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Eine kluge Vorauswahl

Geben Sie mehr Kandidaten eine Chance sich vorzustellen.

Minimieren Sie Terminstress.

Steigern Sie die Effizienz der Interviews.

Vielfalt unterstützen.
Vorurteile reduzieren.

Schaffen Sie einen einheitlichen und fairen Interviewprozess.

Standardisieren Sie Interviewfragen über konfigurierbare Vorlagen.

Die Kandidaten stehen im Mittelpunkt, unabhängig von Ort und Zeit.

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Vinneo Video Interviewing 4

Ergänzt perfekt die LiveList™

Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden mehr als nur Text.

Präsentieren Sie die besten Kandidatenvideos auf einem interaktiven Dashboard.

Alles, was Ihr Kunde braucht, auf einen Klick.

Bereiten Sie sich auf die Zukunft vor.

Videointerviews sind gekommen um zu bleiben. Mit Vinneo bleiben Sie am Puls der Zeit.


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Keine mühsame Terminplanung mehr

Eliminieren Sie das Hin und Her. Interviewen Sie Kandidaten jederzeit und überall.

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Wiedergaben mit Vinny synchronisiert

Videos werden automatisch mit den Kandidaten und Jobs in Vincere synchronisiert.

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Blitzschnell erstellt

Eleganter und benutzerfreundlicher Interview-Builder

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Kinderleicht für alle

Ohne Passwort. Ohne Download. Ohne Aufwand.

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Individuelle Vorlagen für jeden Job

Konfigurierbare Interview Vorlagen erstellen und wiederverwenden

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Keine "Integration" erforderlich

Eine Plattform. Ein Support-Team. Ein Partner.

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Recruitment terms & glossary:

Video interviewing lets recruiters use software to connect with candidates anywhere, anytime. Instead of meeting in person or calling, the recruitment cycle starts on screen.

Video interview software uses an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to optimize the process. For candidates, it means the ability to join the interview session whenever it's convenient for them. Their answers are then uploaded and tagged for easy reference.

For recruiters, this software means saving time and reducing workload. Thanks to features like video playbacks, standardized templates, and ATS tracking, they can focus on the work of recruiting over admin.

While both methods have benefits, video interviewing is generally easier than in-person interviews.

Here’s how to benefit from and win with video interviewing software:

  1. Evaluate objectively
    Video interviewing software lets you keep recordings for future analysis. When everyone on the team can see the interview, better judgements will be made. This is how video minimizes recruiter bias and lets candidates shine.

  2. Offer better accessibility
    Candidates are usually expected to physically show up for interviews, but that isn’t always possible. Whether it’s travel time or other limits, video interviewing software gets everyone to where they need to be right away. Using video interview platforms to schedule interviews keeps recruiters from missing out on excellent candidates.

  3. Make screening accurate
    When recruiters are flooded with CVs, good candidates might be missed. On paper, the candidate might not look like a perfect fit, but then present a totally different impression when talking.
    With the right platform, recruiters can quickly screen without missing a thing.

  4. Analyze data
    Thanks to the data analysis integrated with video interviewing software, recruiters can immediately spot issues in their job application process. Are interview completion rates too low? Are some questions confusing the candidates?

With solid data to back them up, recruiters can make the best decisions.

Video interviews are getting more common, even for more traditional companies.

Filming in a familiar environment helps the interviewee feel more comfortable and confident. It also helps the interviewer save time and energy, and keep the recruitment cycle efficient. Online interview software helps out both parties since the interactions can be recorded and reviewed at any time, anywhere.

There are two ways of doing video interviews: live or pre-recorded. Both types have their pros and cons. Live interviews feel more natural and are easier to do through many video interview platforms. It also lets the candidate be more aware of what they’re saying and gauge the response of the interviewer.

Pre-recorded video interviews, on the other hand, can reduce time to hire, don’t require the interviewer to be physically present, and can help in avoiding biases and organizing schedules.

Video interviewing software takes more technical know-how than other interview styles.
Here are some challenges that can come up with video technology:

  1. Biased mindsets
    When you choose video interviews over phone calls, you learn more about applicants early. It’s positive in the sense that you see their strengths and weaknesses sooner. But if you’re not careful, one quick biased impression can get in the way.

  2. Technical difficulties
    Tech issues can always present themselves. Online interview software is no different.
    Candidates who aren't tech-savvy or have accessibility problems may have trouble with a good first impression.
    That’s why using digital interviewing software requires a recruiter who knows tech problem-solving.

If you want to screen candidates at high speed, consider a video interviewing platform like Vinneo. This is the tool that can make great changes in your rec cycle.

One major benefit is making scheduling and coordination easier. Video interviewing technology allows recruiters to meet candidates with just a few clicks.

It also lets recruiters rewatch and review applicants with video playback.

Vinneo also offers versatile video templates that can be customized and reused. Interview candidates at scale and get the work done faster.

The last best thing? Vinneo is easy to use, with no password and no downloads.

Recruiters all around the world are turning to video interviewing as a cutting-edge tool.

For agencies, it’s fast, intuitive, and inexpensive. That makes it easier to find top applicants for every role. It’s no surprise that physical and phone interviews are being phased out in favor of video.

If you’re a Vincere customer, it’s easy to incorporate digital interviewing software into your process.

With Vinneo, applicant profiles sync to Vincere’s ATS. From there, interviewers can ask them to participate in a pre-recorded interview with any time at ease.

After selecting the candidates with the most potential, recruiters or their clients can freely review recordings and make a collaborative decision.

Video interviewing is adaptable to your unique process. Each phase can be configured to match what you're already doing well —and make it even better with Vincere.

How to know which video interviewing software to use? Here are some suggestions for criteria:

  • User experience
  • Platform functionality
  • Customer training and support
  • Integration capabilities

Make sure to pick a video interviewing solution that fits your company's needs. This way, you'll be able to focus on your first goal: making placements.