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Techify Your Client Experience Strategy

Learn tactics and power plays for high impact candidate submissions.

✔ Learn Candidate-driven strategies
✔ How to offer the “VIP” treatment
✔ Leverage tech for high-impact collaboration

CRM Rollout Guide

Rolling out a new CRM? Don’t mess it up. Get the battle-tested guide.

✔ Proven strategies for implementation
✔ Methods to boost user adoption rates
✔ How to maximize your RecTech ROI

Nail Your CRM 2
CRM Buyers Guide

CRM Buyers’ Guide for Recruiters

Bullet-proof your Tech Strategy. Your recruitment software could make or break the business

✔ ROI-driven feature checklist
✔ Frameworks for vendor due diligence
✔ Scorecards for compliance & security

Toolkit to growth-hack your Recruitment Agency

  Video for Recruiters



Your 360° guide to leveraging video to improve your recruitment process​

✔ Game-changing video plays
✔ Killer recruitment outreach ideas
✔ Aftercare strategies to “wow” Clients


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Tech Stack Calculator

Not all tech stacks are created equal.
How does your tech stack up?

✔ Uncover the true cost of ownership
✔ Get your tech stack assessment score
✔ Shed light on hidden costs


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  Contract Reminder



Want to break up with your current vendor? We’ll remind you.

✔ Don’t get trapped into auto-renew cycles
✔ Stop overlooking key dates
✔ We’ll send you a reminder 60 days before


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