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Halcyon Knights is a bustling tech recruitment agency with six offices across the APAC region. 15 years ago, it was two guys on a porch. CEO & Founder Lincoln Benbow is still with the company today.

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Melbourne, Australia
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In the beginning, he said, any rec tech would do:

“We’ve used a few different CRMs over the years. We started out on this US platform that I’m not sure is even around anymore.”

Over the years, Halcyon Knights grew in size and scope. It was time to make a change. As someone familiar with the IT sector, Lincoln had a sharp eye for recruitment technology that would meet his business’s needs.

“For a while, we were Bullhorn customers. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a presence in Australia, and we struggled to get support. We started going through a pretty thorough process to find another recruitment technology platform that would suit us.”


Changing it up with a configurable platform


Enter Vincere, the recruitment operating system. Halcyon Knights was the first Vincere customer in Oz. And they have one other claim to fame: “If I have anything to do with the Vincere legacy,” said Lincoln, “It’s that I gave the nickname ‘Vinny.’”

From the beginning, he found that Vincere’s platform was totally configurable to his rec firm’s processes: “We were really able to work with your team and set up the platform to suit our needs. And the great thing about Vincere was that the team’s always easy to work with.”

With its different modules - like Vincere Core, Intelligence, and Pay & Bill - the Halcyon Knights team were able to use multiple tools to streamline and scale the business. See it in his on words here:

The best rec tech for the tech recruiters


Vincere’s Intelligence module, with its suite of customizable dashboards, was one of the key features that boosted productivity. "Certainly the thing I love about Vinny is the ability to get data and analytics out of the tool. From a manager’s point of view, it really helps to get a strong overview of how things are going." Another boon to his business was Vinny’s mobile app:

"That was really useful, and still is, in terms of how people work these days. My team weren’t limited anymore by needing to be tied down at their desks. It’s really more like an entire operating system, and that’s including what’s on their phones."


Middle and back office solutions


Vincere’s platform didn’t have just pure tech appeal: there were benefits for the middle and back office teams too. “I think the middle and back office solutions are great against other systems that we compared it to,” said Lincoln. He noted that Pay & Bill streamlined the work at his office, as well as making it easier to manage candidates: "The back office really appreciated that we got this one system going. Tracking shifts, payroll, invoices, all that - it used to be a logistical nightmare. That changed once we got it all under Vinny’s umbrella."


By and for up-and-comers


Lincoln’s highest compliments were reserved for the people of Vincere: "I would say Vincere’s a great tool, highly intuitive, but also they’ve got great people. Really good people to work with. You have fun and it feels like a partnership."

When they first made the switch over to Vincere’s platform, it was a plus to see the company staffed by former recruiters. Vincere’s organizational knowledge of the recruitment industry made working with the platform all the better. "One of the things that I love about Vinny is that they’re former recruiters, successful recruiters, so it’s a platform built by recruiters, for recruiters. And that’s really helpful, they really understand your point of view."


We needed a platform that was responsive to our changing business needs, and one where we could evolve the workflow and adapt it to our model.



Lincoln Benbow
Founder & CEO at Halcyon Knights

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