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What is Vincere?

Vincere, a.k.a. the Recruitment Operating System, is a platform built specifically for recruitment and staffing agencies. Our recruiting software is powered by innovation and ceaseless R&D. Recruiters trust Vinny for streamlining operations, offering actionable insights with analytics, and giving candidates & clients the best service.


Vincere frees up recruiters to do the work that matters: that’s what makes connecting people possible.


Vincere is the Recruitment Operating System

We make the Recruitment Operating System: the modern OS purpose-built for recruitment and staffing agencies worldwide.


The #RecOS serves as an end-to-end recruitment agency software. Our single tech platform streamlines the front, middle & back office operations of Exec Search, Perm, Contract, and Temp businesses.

Our recruitment software is designed to encompass all functions that recruitment and staffing agencies need. It covers sourcing to redeployment, automation to analytics, and works for every office and specialty. The #RecOS empowers recruiters to enhance customer & client experience and scale business operations.

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What are some common features of Recruitment Agency Software?


To choose the right software solutions, you have to know what’s out there. Here are some of the most common features found in cloud-based recruiting systems:

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What is Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruitment agency software helps streamline and enhance recruitment processes. Recruiting software for staffing firms includes various types of tools, like an ATS (applicant tracking system), CRM (candidate relationship management), and other supporting features.


The core of most recruitment systems is the ATS and/or CRM. With a centralized location for everything from filtering resumes to managing leads, these databases help to build better relationships.


Other recruitment software tools can include workflow automation, data analytics, candidate sourcing features, and more. These can be included as part of your main recruitment system to manage other key parts of recruiting.


Benefits of Recruitment Agency Software


Recruiting software for staffing firms optimizes the recruitment life cycle to better place talent.


When used correctly, recruitment agency software will boost operational efficiency and make your business more competitive.


It can help with:

  • Sourcing: Identifying and attracting job candidates & re-engaging passive candidates

  • Engagement: Improving communication between consultant & candidate, and keeping candidates active

  • Selection: Matching the best candidates to the job

  • Automation: Workflow automation for repetitive or easily-forgotten tasks

  • Reporting: Data collection and analysis for performance and business tracking

With the power of a recruitment platform, every aspect of running an agency gets easier.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools leverage data collected from your recruitment agency software to provide actionable insights. Track metrics on everything from time to hire to redeployment rates to get the most from your recruitment process. For everything from business development, consultant coaching, to fees and forecasting, recruitment analytics drives efficiency.

✔ KPI tracking
✔ Fees forecasting
✔ Data visualization
✔ Configurable dashboards

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the process of finding and connecting with candidates, then matching them to open roles. Branded tools and a centralized location for candidate interaction in your recruitment agency software will enhance your talent acquisition strategy.

✔ Recruitment agency sites
✔ Branded careers page
✔ Candidate portals
✔ Job portals
✔ Job alerts
✔ Automated candidate onboarding

Imagine a complete universe of recruitment tech that just works.