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Recruitment Automation Software

Introducing our advanced suite of automations, powered by Elay. Deepen candidate-client relationships, strip away the busywork, scale productivity, and personalise outreach that breaks new ground. All this without adding a single seat.

Automate your day-to-day with Vincere Automate - over 1,000 tasks off your plate and 300+ hours back in your schedule. It works like magic.

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Hire your next top-performing consultants without the overheads

Explore our suite of cutting-edge automations.

Available as a standalone solution or a comprehensive package featuring all 3 products: CRM automation, LinkedIn automation, Chatbot.


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CRM automation

Accelerate lead-gen and energise candidate-client engagement for unmatched efficiency and speed.

Imagine automating mundane tasks, nurturing leads with personalised journeys, and gaining deep insights into customer behaviour all in just a few clicks. 

  • Cleanse your CRM database with personalised AI-powered outreach
  • Send personalised, templated email campaigns directly from Vincere, eliminating the need for cumbersome data exporting
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches through seamless data syncing across platforms
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Why use CRM automation?

Powerful no-code, automation suite designed to overhaul your recruitment workflow. ​


Personalised outreach 

Create targeted and personalised engagement campaigns. 


Lead scoring and prioritisation 

Easily sift through leads to spotlight top candidates with high-value potential.

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Streamlined sales engine

Accelerate sales cycle and increase the volume of deals closed.

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Automated data cleansing

Keep candidate and client data up to date with automated CRM database cleansing. 


Smarter decision-making

Get accurate insights into automation performance and the compatibility with your CRM. 

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Built for growth

Seamless data sync across platforms to eliminate data security breaches. 

Linkedin Automation Vincere Automate

LinkedIn automation

Fully custom LinkedIn automation that integrates seamlessly with Vincere and syncs perfectly across various platforms, ensuring your CRM is your one source of truth.

Create automated personalised messages, content interactions, connection requests, and follow-ups, all within a tailored, realistic workflow. 

    • Create seamless connection requests, smart messaging, and strategic follow-ups
    • Spot high-value leads and engage with them in real time.​
    • Automate mundane admin, freeing up recruiter time

Why use LinkedIn automation?

Powerful multi-channel outreach solution for recruitment teams


Networking on autopilot

Let automation do the legwork.


Accelerated lead-gen

Keep the conversation going with automated follow-ups.


Insights with impact

Gain actionable insights into your interactions.


Maximum efficiency

Automating the mundane frees up your time and resources.

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Seamless integration

All LinkedIn activities integrate with your existing CRM and marketing tools.

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Effortless scalability

Our automation tools adjust to your growing needs.

A new era of conversational AI

Automated chatbots

Automated chatbots help recruitment agencies capture leads and enhance candidate-client interactions around the clock.

These intelligent chatbots are designed to handle routine asks, update databases in real-time, and provide personalised responses.

Your AI digital copywriter in a Chrome extension

Say hello to your new AI companion, a simple in-browser tool that’s perfect for sales teams.

This innovative tool doesn't just help you tailor your words to different audiences — it also analyses data to optimise the sales process, streamline your sales pipeline, and deliver tailored recommendations that enhance conversion rates.

Vincere Automate Ai Copywriter Chrome Extension

Trusted by 20,000+ recruiters worldwide

Vincere has been awarded multiple industry accolades since 2020.



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