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The big reasons why 2,000+ recruitment agencies prefer Vincere

Vincere is better for growing agencies with ambitions to scale (especially for Contract and Temp)


✔ JobAdder is a good option for startups, Perm and niche agencies. However, as your business starts growing or expands into Temp, you may feel limited by the system’s simple interface.

✔ Vincere is better for agencies offering a mix of Perm, Contract and Temp with built-in modules and robust features like shift scheduling, pay and bill to support end-to-end recruitment.


Vincere is better if you’re looking for true all-in-one platform (not just a database with fancy plugins)


✔ Bullhorn has traditional CRM capabilities. You can get all the bells and whistles you need through marketplace partners to customise your tech stack. However, this means it gets more expensive as you grow.

✔ Analytics and automation features are available as add-ons through 3rd party apps whereas with Vincere, automation and analytics are built-in, available right out-of-the-box.


Vincere is better for agencies that prioritise software that drives revenue (without growing headcount)


✔ Mercury is suitable for larger agencies and enterprises with dedicated resources for in-house specialists and IT teams who are skilled in Microsoft’s Power tools.

✔ Vincere is designed from day one with usability in mind, making it flexible, extensive and configurable to your needs on-demand, no IT or coding required.


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Hear from customers that already made the switch

Some of the main reasons why we moved to Vincere were the built-in analytics package - it allowed us a lot more data points across the business.




We were using Bullhorn for several years before switching to Vincere. Bullhorn was decent, but as we added more tools to the mix to support our recruitment efforts, Bullhorn started to feel like a legacy system.


In terms of interface, user experience and functionality Vincere completely eclipses our last ATS.





Helping you win through exceptional
client and candidate experiences


The Feature Wars are over.

What truly matters are the experiences Vincere helps you (and your recruiters) deliver by prioritising client and candidate outcomes.

And the best part? 70% of our product roadmap is decided by Vincere customers. We call these the Vinny Loves You sprints .



Keep candidates engaged every step of the way effortlessly

Go-live with an attractive, search-optimised recruitment website that surfaces relevant jobs opportunities to candidates with a fuss-free job application process.

Craft the candidate experience you wish to deliver by building highly-personalised automation workflows and candidate outreach campaigns with Vincere Automate. Scale up while still staying high-touch.

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Make every client feel like a VIP (and get repeat business)

Spending less time on candidate management means more time to focus on building stronger relationships with clients. The LiveList™️ makes it easy for you to demonstrate your understanding of their requirements and how you are delivering on them with high quality candidates.

One of the key benefits using Vincere is also the secure client portal which offers a 24/7 on-demand service to your clients to get what they want, when they need it.

Start with our core CRM.
Build out your RecOS.

Take a free demo of our platform and decide for yourself.

Vincere is loved by recruitment agencies across geographies and sizes, from startups to multi-brand, enterprise titans.



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Vincere is the all-in-one software for recruitment agencies.

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Vincere is rated 4.8/5 on Capterra

"Vincere has helped us spend more time on selling
and what we should be doing rather than admin tasks
that could be automated."

- Neil Clough, Managing Director, Prime