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Recruitment ROI Calculator

Don’t let your recruitment tech get in the way of making you more money.

Fortune 500 companies lose approximately $480 billion due to operational inefficiencies each year.

Use our Recruitment ROI Calculator and see how much money you could be missing out on.

Vincere ROI Calculator

Let’s make this data-driven.

Fill out the recruitment ROI calculator below and we’ll give you an estimation of the savings you could potentially bring to your business if you upgrade your recruitment tech stack.


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40% increase
in productivity

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40% increase in
placement rates

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Improved consultant speed to competency by 50%

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Just a few months post go-live, we broke our sales record.

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Double-digit sales growth

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ROI Calculator FAQs

The ROI Calculator is designed to help recruitment agencies estimate the returns of their current tech stack. By weighing up potential savings on time and money, the ROI calculator demonstrates how advanced recruitment tech like Vincere can cut down operational inefficiencies while contributing to higher profitability.

Calculations are based on your team’s total time spent on your current system, your average time per task and your weekly number of placements. With Vincere, you can cut down on admin time with our time-saving features, which in turn will help increase profit per head.

Disclaimer: The ROI Calculator projections are estimates for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee future results. Actual ROI will vary based on individual business circumstances. The average salary used in this calculation is £24K per employee.

To use the recruitment ROI calculator, fill out the form provided with specific data about your current recruitment processes. Including information such as time it takes to create searches, format CVs, schedule interviews, send documents, generate invoices, produce weekly reports, and other relevant business metrics. The calculator will then process this information to give you an estimation of the potential savings and increased earnings.

The accuracy of the recruitment ROI Calculator depends on the accuracy of the data you input. It uses standard industry metrics and algorithms to estimate potential savings and earnings. However, it should be used as a guideline rather than a precise forecast, as actual results can vary based on a variety of different business circumstances.

Yes, the recruitment ROI calculator is offered as a free tool. It is designed to help recruitment agencies understand the potential financial benefits of upgrading their tech stack without any initial investment.

If the ROI calculator indicates significant potential savings, it may be worthwhile to further explore upgrading your recruitment tech stack. Consider arranging a demo with recruitment tech providers, like Vincere, for a more detailed analysis and personalized recommendations based on the specific needs of your agency.

Upgrading your recruitment tech stack can lead to various improvements, such as faster candidate sourcing, more efficient applicant tracking, improved communication, and better data analytics. These enhancements can significantly reduce operational inefficiencies, leading to cost savings and potentially higher revenue.