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Meet Vincere

Recruitment Software for Startups

Vincere is a great all-in-one recruitment software for startups and small agencies. Feature-rich yet surprisingly easy-to-use, 1,500+ recruitment startups use Vincere daily to help them grow.

Award-Winning Expertise

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Vincere is purpose-built for Startups & Small Businesses

Manage your recruitment process from one, seamless platform.

With Vincere's recruitment CRM & ATS software, your growing business will get a real-time view of pipeline activities, helping you keep your recruitment process moving slowly and efficiently. Featuring built-in automation like CV formatting, interview scheduling, automatch and much more to help you make placements faster than the competition.

Grow your client & candidate experience

Discover a top-tier candidate and client portal that delivers an all-in-one experience tailored to your own branding. As a startup, it’s important to get the fundamentals right, and our client portal, candidate portal, and job board portal will be there to assist you every step of the way. 

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Transform the way you communicate

Recruitment software for small agencies revolutionises communication strategies. Our dedicated CommsHub and integrated chat tool VinnyChat ensures smooth interactions throughout your team, no matter how small. We even bring your everyday tools together with email and calendar sync.

Gain expert insights with analytics

Take your decision making to the next level with our suite of intelligence & analytics features. Tailor your own custom reporting dashboards, focusing exactly on the data you need. Or, use our innovative AI forecasting software to quickly give you the insights for better business performance.

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Why choose Vincere?

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One all-inclusive platform

Every module and every function are built to work together in harmony.

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Easy integration

Integrate Vincere with the apps that you already love. See our Integrations marketplace to find out exactly what you can connect with.

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Return of investment

Less reliance on 3rd party integrations means overall lower operating costs (or Total Cost of Ownership).

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First-class customer support

Our support hub and teams ensure a seamless experience for all users, around the clock.

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Excellent security

Vincere prioritises data privacy and security by implementing strict security measures.

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Automated workflow

Automated workflows ensure efficiency and accuracy at every step of your recruitment journey.

What customers say


Although our previous CRM looked simple at first, when it came down to actually using it, the navigation and workflow wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed.

In terms of interface, user experience and functionality Vincere completely eclipses our last CRM.

said Nigel Beasley, Managing Director at Galleon Recruitment.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Startups require specialised recruitment software to efficiently manage their recruitment processes, streamline candidate sourcing, and effectively scale their teams. Tools such as CRM & ATS offer tailored solutions to the unique challenges startups face, enabling them to attract top talent, optimise workflows, and drive growth.

The key features you need for your startup depend upon your requirements. It’s crucial to do an analysis in-house to find out what you need, however a few core things to consider are: applicant tracking system, reporting analytics, and communications system

While our pricing is bespoke to you, that doesn’t mean it’s complex. We offer one simple plan, starting from £99 (excludes VAT).

Our pricing is based on:

  1. Number of users
  2. Modules (or features) you need

Vincere is designed with scalability in mind. Our software will expand in tandem with your small businesses growth, ensuring your recruitment processes remain efficient whilst your needs become more complex.

We currently don’t offer a free trial, however you can check out Vincere by booking a demo.

There's always a deal to be had so speak to us.
Discounts are available for multi-year contracts.

Training is available.
If you're looking for bespoke training or require data migration, reach out to us for an accurate quote.