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Do I need an ATS and CRM software in one?

Integrating an ATS and CRM can streamline your business processes, offering a unified platform for managing information, leading to more efficient operations and better communication. Recruiters all over the world use this comprehensive solution to make data-driven recruiting decisions and nurture strong relationships. 

With Vincere Core recruitment ATS and CRM, your recruitment agency can evolve and scale with confidence, harmonising the client and candidate experience.

Client Relationship Management

A robust contact & account management pipeline to track all your business development efforts. More jobs and leads in your recruitment CRM equals more money. 


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Applicant Tracking 

The only applicant tracking system embedded with business intelligence, powerful insights and analytics. Laser-focused on helping you make more placements in less time. 

Vincere doesn't just tell you what's happening, it tells you what to do next. 


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Advanced Search

Experience a whole new way of searching and uncover hidden placements in your recruitment database. This industry leading search tool is powered by SQL to help you visualise and filter candidates, so you can find the perfect talent in no time.



Job Posting

A CRM for recruiters that blasts out jobs to millions in minutes. Sit back and watch the applicants roll in with our multi-job posting tool. Not only can you set up customisable job application forms, but you can also get insights from your candidates & leads to give you a full understanding on your ROI.


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Ramp Up Internal Comms With Your Own Slack / MS Teams Hybrid

VinnyChat removes boundaries by helping you stay connected in-real time so work can flow forward seamlessly. Send direct messages, create group chats, and share files effortlessly. 'Cos teams that collaborate make more money.


Client Collaboration

Offer your clients something nobody else can — the LiveList™, a client portal built for 2023 and beyond.

Showcase your top candidates to clients all from your recruitment CRM and ATS software and differentiate your brand to stand out in a crowded market.  


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Integrate with your other applications

Integrate Vincere with the apps that you already love. Our partner marketplace shows you exactly what you can connect with.

Excellent security

Vincere prioritises data privacy and security by implementing strict security measures.

First-class customer support

Our support hub and teams ensure a seamless experience for all our users, around the clock.

Trusted by 20,000+ recruiters worldwide

Vincere has been awarded multiple industry accolades since 2020.





Integrating a CRM with an ATS offers recruiters the ultimate solution by merging client relationship management and applicant tracking capabilities, streamlining both candidate sourcing and client engagement in one powerful platform. Not only maximising efficiency, but also enhancing the recruitment process.

A CRM (Customer / Client Relationship Management System) is a software designed to help businesses manage, analyse, and improve their interactions with current and potential customers and clients.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software application that automates the recruitment process by managing job postings, storing data, and streamlining the screening and selection of applicants.

Integrating the two systems means your business will get a seamless recruitment experience, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness. Benefits include:

  • Centralised candidate information
  • A faster recruiting cycle
  • Better communication and engagement with candidates
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • More informed strategy and decision making

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