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Action-driven recruitment CRM pipeline

Streamline candidate management, client collaboration and job placements in one powerful platform.

Vincere's recruiter CRM is designed for simplicity and built for growth giving you actionable insights into your recruitment pipeline. Gain an unclouded perspective of your entire recruitment cycle, spot bottlenecks with ease and align your priorities with your team.

Whether you desire out-of-the-box solutions or a tailor-made setup, our recruitment CRM system can be molded to fit your agency's unique needs. Find out how we can deliver your own bespoke recruitment agency software.

Easily engage with your key accounts 

In recruitment, no one in the team can afford to miss an important email or message.

Sync your email & calendar so all communications, to-do lists and upcoming events are in one place.

The recruitment CRM software automatically logs all client and candidate comms, granting unparalleled visibility across all teams—from front, middle to back. Effortlessly monitor your prospects' journey with our intelligent tracking system, consolidating all your communications in one streamlined platform.



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Convert leads into jobs

Our recruitment CRM system isn't just about managing leads; it's about transforming them into successful job placements efficiently and effectively.

From lead to job to invoice, to cash in the bank, Vincere has you covered.

With a sophisticated lead management system at its core, our CRM enables you to track and prioritise leads. Coupled with automated workflows to streamline tasks such as follow-ups and video interviews, this tool is set to revolutionise your talent acquisition process.

Report on insights in seconds

The ability to quickly gather and analyse recruitment data is not just an advantage, it's a necessity.

Our recruitment CRM generates insightful reports on your activities, turning data into actionable insights in seconds.

Whether you need a detailed report on your candidate engagement, application process, or your pipeline, our recruitment reporting portal gives you instant access to those metrics easily. Say goodbye to manual data organisation and analysis.



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Manage shifts and payroll

Manage one source of truth for your timesheets and recruitment invoicing.

Vincere CRM for recruitment seamlessly integrates these functions, giving you a robust platform that simplifies shift scheduling, time tracking and payroll management.

Whether you're handling a small startup or coordinating a large agency, our recruitment CRM system adapts to your needs, offering tailored options that cater to your unique employment working patterns.





Why choose Vincere?

We're a recruitment tech platform built by recruiters for recruiters. We can help you deliver higher-touch candidate and client experiences.

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Vincere is the best CRM for high-growth
recruitment firms. It offers a simple, clean UI
without sacrificing any functionality needed for
a detailed recruitment process.


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Deciding if Vincere is right for you? 

Compare us with Bullhorn, JobAdder and Mercury.

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Main features of Vincere's recruitment CRM

From pursuing business development, monitoring calls, to dispatching contracts, our CRM for recruiting doesn't just support you—it empowers you.

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Social sourcing

Minimise data entry. Prospect & add new contacts in one click.


Configure your Recruitment funnel

A four-step recruitment automation process that takes you from new business to job.


Candidate video software

Automate the interview process with our Vinneo outreach and video interview tool.

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360° view of interactions

All activities and emails are automatically tracked in our CommsHub, so you get a 360-degree view of all interactions.

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Email & Calendar Sync

Engage with hot prospects and turn leads into opportunities fast with two-way inbox sync.

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Recruitment mobile app

Recruit on the go with our mobile app. Available on iOS and Android.

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A Recruitment CRM is a specialised software designed to help recruitment teams manage their interactions with candidates efficiently. In streamlines the recruitment process by organising candidate data, job openings, communication, and reporting all in one platform.

It automates administrative tasks, enhancing candidate engagement through timely and personalised communication, providing insights into recruitment metrics, and facilitating collaboration among team members. This leads to faster, more efficient recruiting and a better overall candidate experience.

Most Recruitment CRMs are built to integrate seamlessly with other systems such as HR software or payroll software. We have a recruitment Applicant Tracking System, as well as a CRM & ATS in one that ensures a smooth workflow across your platforms.

Vincere prioritises data privacy and security by implementing strict security measures such as: encryption over HTTPS (SHA2 encryption) at rest; two-factor authentication; advanced user roles and permissions; best-in-class hosting and storage across the globe.

We offer extensive support services. You can either visit our Help Center or reach out to a customer support manager to get help with a specific query.

We offer a variety of customisation to fit the specific needs of your agency. This can include custom workflows, templates, and reporting dashboards.

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