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From Vinny basics right through to advanced tips and tricks - our Training Hub below contains everything you need to make Vincere your Recruitment Operating System.




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Vincere quick set-up
Start with the Admin essentials on how to configure your Vincere system. What you'll learn: ✔️ Admin Settings ✔️ System Preferences ✔️ Organizational Settings
Admin 2
GDPR and Compliance
Managing GDPR and Consent is crucial to all companies, find out how to achieve this with Vinny and learn: ✔️ Documents and Checks ✔️ Requesting Documents ✔️ Compliance Views ✔️ Managing Consent ✔️ Approval Process
End User 1
How to add Contacts and Companies
All you need to know for Business Development. What you'll learn:✔️ Adding Contacts ✔️ Adding Companies ✔️CRM Pipeline ✔️Smart Views
End User 2
How to add Jobs and manage your pipeline
All you need to know to get jobs and fill them. What you'll learn: ✔️Adding Jobs ✔️Posting Jobs to Portals / Engage ✔️Job Leads
End User 3
How to add Candidates, Talent Pools, Statuses and Layouts
What you'll learn: ✔️ Adding Candidates ✔️ Talent Pools ✔️ Layouts
End User 4
Take your Candidates from Shortlisted to Placed
What you'll learn: ✔️ How to shortlist ✔️ How to send CVs ✔️ Arrange interviews ✔️ Make offers & placements
End User 5
Quick start guide to Candidate LiveList
How to set-up as an admin: ✔️ What is the LiveList ✔️ Setting-up company-wide preferences ✔️ How this can benefit communication
End User 6
Market Candidates and impress Clients
How to use and send as a consultant: ✔️ How to use the LiveList ✔️ Streamline communication ✔️ How to send candidates ✔️ How to organise interviews
Search 1
Fastest ways to Search in Vinny
Beat the competition with these nifty search tricks you can do with Vincere. What you'll learn: ✔️ Auto-Match ✔️ Find Suitable Jobs ✔️ Saved Searches
Search 2
Best search practices and techniques
Level up your search skills and uncover hidden placements in your database. What you'll learn: ✔️ Faceted Search ✔️Advanced Search ✔️ Geo searches ✔️ Null searches ✔️ Talent Pools
Search 3
The basics of our Multi-dimensional search tool
Learn the basics of our multi-dimensional search tool: ✔️ Table search ✔️ Quick search ✔️Advanced Search ✔️ Faceted Search ✔️ LinkedIn Search
Intelligence 1
End-User Reporting & Intelligence
Get personalized reports and track your performance with: ✔️ My Dashboard ✔️ AI Coach ✔️ Leaderboard ✔️Goals
Intelligence 2
Setting and managing KPI’s and target tracking
A high-level overview of what you can do with Vincere's Goal Console. What you'll learn: ✔️How to create goals ✔️How to create activities ✔️ Understanding the Goal dashboard
Intelligence 3
UK Markets
Equip yourself with these 3 key dashboards specific for recruiters in UK. What you'll learn: ✔️Privacy & GDPR ✔️AWR Report ✔️ Intermediaries Report
Intelligence 4 (1)
Introduction to Intelligence
Leverage on Vincere's best-in-class analytics. What you'll learn: ✔️'Best case' & 'Most likely' figures ✔️ Stalled & Active jobs ✔️ Active & Rotting applications
Intelligence 5
Dashboards for Team Managers and Team Leads
Empower yourself with actionable data. Here's an overview of: ✔️Job pipeline analytics ✔️ Company Stats ✔️Job Stats
Intelligence 6
High level Intelligence overview
Dashboards you need from day one: ✔️ TV Dashboard ✔️User Engagement ✔️ Goals ✔️Booked Fees ✔️Forecaster

Looking for more?  

Take a look at some of our expert training resources for you to win with Vinny.

Vincere Value Yes We Can

(Accelerated Training Academy)

The ATA is an A-Z foundation training for you and your recruitment business to see how you can win with Vincere at the centre of your Tech-Stack Universe.


The academy is designed with Users in mind who are brand new to Vincere, but also great for those who need a little refresher on fundamental workflows.

Vincere Value Own It

(Vinny Pro Academy)

10-part training series designed to take you through the core functionality of Vincere that every business, no matter what size or industry, needs to know to utilize Vinny to its full potential.

There are Perm, Retained and Temp branches to suit all your users.

Vincere Value Be Agile

1-2-1 Training
(Onsite & Online)

If you are looking for more bespoke training, we offer live 1-2-1 sessions with your team and one of our Vincere Trainers.


The sessions are completely customisable to suit your training needs, and you can either host them online, or we can visit you onsite to run the sessions face-to-face.

Want to explore further options and
speak to a member of our Training Team?