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We offer bespoke pricing plans tailored to fit the size and unique needs of your recruitment agency.

That means never paying for any unnecessary extras.


How our pricing works

While our pricing is bespoke to you, that doesn’t mean it’s complex. We’ll present you with a simple price based on three factors:


A breakdown of the upfront costs:


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Licence fee

A simple, transparent monthly fee for our award-winning all-in-one platform, which includes licence fees for Vincere Core and any additional modules. As part of your package, you'll choose the length of your contract, but you can easily add more users as you grow. 


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Implementation fee

We're committed to getting you off to the best start from day one and will provide a dedicated team of experts to ensure you have a seamless and stress-free transition. Having done thousands of implementations, we have a tried and tested approach for many migration cases, so where possible we’ll start there to avoid any implementation fees. Learn more about our data migration process.

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Customer Support

While we’re confident nothing will go wrong, we know there may be times when you need a little help from us, so our Customer Success Plans are designed to not only be there for you but are also there to ensure you’re getting the most from the product.

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No extra costs

We care about giving you transparency, so we don’t hide extra costs. That’s also why we don’t charge you for the things we know are critical to running your agency:

  • Hundreds of pre-built dashboards to help you manage every aspect of your business analytics, from KPI targets, to forecasting to margin reporting.
  • Natively built scheduler that can handle singular to high volume shifts and links seamlessly to time management.
  • Configurable resume/CV builder, with multiple formats and branding options.
  • Sync your emails and calendar directly to Vincere (currently in beta – we’re always updating our roadmap!).
  • Interactive client portal to showcase your shortlist, with the ability to add video, resumes, collect feedback and arrange interviews in real time.
  • Monthly credits to parse resumes from job boards or directly into Vincere.


Startup agency?

Starting with Vincere Core, our flagship multi-award-winning CRM and ATS, you'll benefit from advanced search to a range of client collaboration tools built in, differentiating your recruitment firm from the rest. Our core system is intuitive and easy to adopt, with 24/5 global customer support across email and livechat if you need it. Need more proof? We're a top-rated recruitment software across review sites like TrustPilot, Capterra and G2. 

Growing business?

Most of our larger customers take a combination of Vincere Core with a couple of our add-ons, to automate their entire recruitment operations. Popular add-ons include TimeTemp timesheet processing and custom dashboards for advanced analytics and forecasting. With a flexible system that can suit you as you scale, Vincere gives all kinds of recruitment agencies a fast track to ROI, with less reliance on third-party integrations, and enterprise-grade data security processes. 

What customers say about Vincere

Hear how we helped recruitment agency Zitko switch over to Vincere, move their recruitment operating system to our cloud-based solution, with our ‘one-click’ design, configurability and market-leading analytics making an impact quickly. 

The CRM part is just the start

At the heart of Vincere is our recruitment CRM, but our operating system RecOS is so much more. Depending on your needs, you can extend the capabilities of the platform with additional modules designed to help you manage, grow and scale with confidence:

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Stand out with video outreach, or reduce costly first interviews with our integrated video platform.



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Pre-built, synchronised management of your temp staff and contractors including shift scheduling, timesheet and invoicing.



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Out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards to give you unrivalled visibility into business performance and revenue.



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A quick-win solution for agencies in need of a no-code candidate and client portal.



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Vincere Automate

Automate your day-to-day, strip away the busywork and scale productivity with Vincere Automate. 



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Comms Hub

Omni-channel chat collaboration and communication.



Trusted by 20,000+ recruiters worldwide

Vincere has been awarded multiple industry accolades since 2020.



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