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The Vinnys Awards 2023


Lights. Camera. Action.

It’s Vinnys Awards time.


Welcome to the Vinnys Awards, a moment when the global recruitment community comes together to celebrate the standout agencies and individuals who are propelling our industry forward.

Each category is a toast to those who dare to do different. From tech innovators to tech vendors, from rookie firms to towering enterprises. We’re calling out for the movers who keep the recruitment world spinning.

The Best Rec Company of the Year award is set aside for those who are driving change in recruitment.

For the frontrunners, change-makers and those pushing boundaries. This is your red-carpet moment. Wherever you stand: the stage is set for you.





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Workplace of the Year  

  1. A coveted winner’s awards badge 
  2. Certificate of recognition  
  3. LinkedIn shoutout 
  4. A 2-minute spotlight video of your company
  5. An epic party to toast your wins
  6. A permanent place in the Vinnys Awards Hall of Fame
Vincere Value Help Customers Win

Rec Company of the Year  

  • A coveted winner’s awards badge 
  • Certificate of recognition  
  • An exclusive interview 
  • Podcast feature 
  • A permanent place in the Vinnys Awards Hall of Fame
Vincere Value Help Customers Win


  • A coveted winner’s awards badge
  • Certificate of recognition
  • LinkedIn shoutout
  • An exclusive interview
  • A permanent place in the Vinnys Awards Hall of Fame



Best Workplace of the Year  


This award recognizes recruitment businesses with exceptional levels
of employee satisfaction.

Winners are committed to providing each and every one of their employees with a voice by embodying positive change through inclusive initiatives, and continuous improvements in employee engagement.

Best Client Service 

The Best in Client Service Award celebrates collaborative client-focused agencies with a commitment to excellent service.

Forward-thinking CX models and long-term enablement of client success will lead to a win in this category. 


Best in Tech Innovation 

This award celebrates businesses that have leveraged tech to get a competitive edge.

Winners will show a precise measure of ROI and user adoption, plus a strategic approach to investment in technology.


Recruitment Company of the Year | Growth 

This category offers a celebration for recruitment firms with steady year-on-year growth and a track record of nurturing excellent business relationships.

Winners should have 30 or more employees and a business strategy that shows a deliberate use of tech. 


RecOS Partner of the Year

This award is offered to the tech vendor that has made the most impactful contribution to the recruitment community this year.

The winners in this category will have an innovative product, added demonstrated value for their clients, and have an excellent record in client service. 


Best in Candidate Care 

This award recognizes recruitment businesses with a commitment to candidate advocacy.

Winners will show consistently high levels of responsiveness, innovation in sourcing and management, and an overall impactful recruitment experience for candidates. 


Recruitment Company of the Year | Rookie 

This award gives recognition to newer recruitment firms with heavy-hitting business strategy and rapid growth.

To qualify, businesses should be under two years old and show savviness in scaling and overcoming  challenges.


Recruitment Company of the Year | Enterprise 

This category honors high-performing rec businesses that have established leadership in the field.

For this award, agencies should have 50 or more employees and a track record of sustainable growth. Long-term commitment to the recruitment community will also be considered. 


Outstanding Recruiter of the Year 

This award goes to an individual recruiter who has shown exceptional passion for the industry, been creative in developing business relationships, and made a notable contribution to the rec community.

Winners will demonstrate how they’ve positively impacted their agency. They will have shown leadership both at work and in the industry at large.