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What is Vincere recruitment ATS?

See all jobs, candidates, applications, placements in one powerful recruitment applicant tracking system. Our software is a complete recruitment platform, helping you go from candidate attraction through to management, and finally onboarding.

Vincere isn't just an applicant tracking system, it's your recruitment superpower. Automate tasks, identify your top candidates instantly, and use analytics to spot trends in the recruitment data.

Our recruitment ATS features

Seamlessly manage every stage of the recruitment process, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Combined with our recruitment CRM, you'll transform your staffing agency from start to finish.

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Industry-leading Search

Use our multi-dimensional executive search tool to uncover the needles in the haystack.

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Email & Calendar Sync

Work faster and engage with candidates effectively with two-way inbox sync.

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Seamless Job Posting

Advertise your jobs on leading job boards and let the applications roll in.

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Track every touchpoint

All activities and emails are automatically tracked so you get a 360-degree view of all interactions.

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Source from LinkedIn

Minimise data entry. Find & add new candidates to your database in one click.

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Send Candidates to Clients

Spec out candidates or send them in bulk using the client collaboration portal LiveList™.

Attract & retain top talent

Captivate your candidates with a seamless, mobile-friendly application process and personal communications, leaving a lasting impression. From a candidate sourcing software that gets new jobs out quickly, to a video interview platform that keeps candidates progressing when you're not there, our recruitment ATS has everything to make you a recruitment magnet.

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Recruitment ATS = meaningful automation

Put repetitive admin tasks on autopilot. Resume parsing, interview scheduling, onboarding and compliance are all things you can use our workflows to automate. Turn all hours of the day into billable hours, and ultimately save your team bags of time, using our ATS in recruitment.

ATS makes it easier for your recruiters too!

Your potential candidates aren't the only ones who'll feel the difference! Your recruitment managers or recruitment agency team will be able to collaborate easily with a dedicated chat tool, have full management of candidate approval, and access to an analytics suite that makes them make informed decisions.

Work from anywhere with our recruitment ATS on mobile

Our ATS recruitment software isn't confined to desktops. Whether you're standing in line for coffee, riding in a taxi or on a train, Vincere makes the perfect mobile Applicant Tracking System. Swipe right to shortlist, view resumes, search and more.

Native apps, of course.

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Why choose Vincere?

We're a recruitment tech platform built by recruiters for recruiters. We can help you deliver higher-touch candidate and client experiences.

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Integrate with your other applications

Integrate Vincere with the apps that you already love. Our Partner Integrations shows you exactly what you can connect with.

Excellent security

Vincere prioritises data privacy and security by implementing strict security measures.

First-class customer support

Our Support Hub and teams ensure a seamless experience for all our users, around the clock.

Why switch to Vincere

Deciding if Vincere is right for you?

Compare us with Bullhorn, JobAdder and Mercury.

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We were looking for an ATS that could automate key aspects of time-consuming and inefficient recruiting workflows. I'm glad I found Vincere. This is game-changing for our business strategy and how we get work done.


leah wigg

Leah Wigg

Sales Enablement Manager at Halcyon Knights

Recruitment ATS FAQs

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of software that allows recruiters to track their candidates during the whole recruitment process. Its main purpose is to help streamline the recruitment process – starting from the initial screening step, all the way to the final onboarding phase.

Unlike a recruitment CRM, ATS for staffing agencies places a stronger focus on applicant management. It provides a reliable tool for recruiters to search for applicants, communicate with them, manage candidate documents (resumes, cover letters, etc.), schedule interviews, send offers, and more!

However, you can get a combined CRM and ATS in one for a fully streamlined experience.

When it comes to recruitment operations, various steps are involved in the process – including planning, sourcing, job posting & promotion, candidate screening & shortlisting, interview scheduling, and so on. An ATS recruitment tool acts as a tool for recruiters to enhance the efficiency of all of the above steps – thanks to functions such as:

  • Candidate search, sourcing & tracking.
  • Job flow management.
  • Talent pipeline.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Automatic emails.
  • Notes.
  • Multi-platform integration (website, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
  • Candidate portal.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Mobile app support (if available).

An Applicant Tracking System helps automate the recruitment process from end to end, ultimately enhancing the applicant experience , bolstering the applicant pool, reducing the time it takes to get to offer. Recruitment agencies themselves will also see a benefit with reduced time on admin and happier team.

There are a few signs that a business may need an Applicant Tracking System:

  • Slow recruitment process
  • Often recruiting the wrong candidates
  • Lack of data and insights
  • Growing company size
  • Desire for improved efficiency and ROI
    Struggling to manage multiple applications

Agencies of all sizes can benefit from Vincere recruitment ATS. We cater to large agencies and startups.

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