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Why choose Vincere over Mercury?

 2,000+ recruitment agencies prefer Vincere for its proactive customer support and innovative product roadmap.

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 Integrated functionality = Increased ROI


Vincere is equipped with robust, pre-integrated modules, eliminating the need for costly third-party tools and hidden costs that could creep up on you.


Benefit from a wealth of advanced, inbuilt features like powerful search tools and cutting-edge AI, combined with comprehensive analytics all under one roof, one source of truth.


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Better user support and adoption


At Vincere, effective adoption is key. Our proactive strategy provides tailored training designed to fast-track your team's proficiency and confidence.


Support doesn’t stop there. With our 24/5 global support, we’re always one call, one click away. Partner with a recruitment CRM your consultants will not just use, but love.



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Flexibility and scalability


Whether you're running a Temp, Perm, Contract or Exec operation. Vincere delivers unmatched flexibility and customisation tailored for businesses of all sizes and types.


The best part? Your feedback helps us shape who we are. Want to see what’s on the roadmap? Looking to add a new feature or update? Send us your feedback or request. You ask, we listen #VinnyLovesYou

Choose a recruitment CRM that meets today's needs and evolves with your agency's future growth.

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Cloud-based SaaS software


Curated partners with deep pre-built integrations with Access Volcanic and Access FastTrack360.

Best Suited For

Agencies of all sizes including Perm, Temp, Contract, and Exec Search (Retained).


24/5 including public holidays via chat, in-app support, email, phone, and portal





Recruitment software built on Microsoft's platform.


Multiple partners and preference for integration with microsoft suite of tools.

Best Suited For

Larger agencies and enterprises with dedicated resources for in-house specialists and IT teams who are skilled in Microsoft’s Power tools.


Self-help forums, on-demand webinars, and online training sessions. Live support is minimal.

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Customers really do love us.

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4.5 out of 5 (46 Reviews)


Unique to Vincere features won’t get this on MercuryXRM plus many, many more innovative features under the hood.

The LiveList™️

The LiveList™️ for Client Collaboration

An interactive dashboard with candidate profiles, videos, documents, ratings and more. The best part? You get notified as soon as your client reviews the list. The LiveList™️ is also a fuss-free way to spec out candidates to clients for business development.

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Industry-leading search

Experience the efficiency of Vincere's integrated search tools, designed to speed up workflows and streamline processes. Our advanced geo-search capabilities allow you to quickly locate and identify candidates, making shortlisting faster and more intuitive than ever.

With AI-powered auto-matching and smart filtering options, Vincere ensures you scope out the right candidates, at the right time.

The AI Coach

An AI-powered dashboard that tells you the activities you need to do to hit your targets. The AI coach uses your data from your last 12 months usage on Vincere and uses machine learning to automatically generate ratios for your business as well as at a consultant level. The algorithm works out the average fee, then how many placements calls,meetings, CVs sent, jobs and interviews are needed.

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Vincere Automate

Introducing Vincere Automate, the pinnacle of recruitment automation software, powered by Elay. Designed to deepen candidate-client relationships, streamline tasks, and boost productivity without the extra overheads, Vincere Automate allows you to offload over 1,000 tasks and reclaim 300+ hours back into your schedule.

We’re here every step of the way

Unlock success with our unparalleled support services

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Implementation & Onboarding


Switching to Vincere is hassle-free with our dedicated expert team guiding you from onboarding to rollout and beyond. We’re here to make sure you hit the ground running.

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Ongoing support


Someone you can rely on to be in your corner. A designated Customer Success Manager* throughout your journey with us to ensure you get the ROI and strategic impact you need.

*designated CSM available with Premier Support plans.

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Training videos and articles


24/7 access to our comprehensive library of resources which includes quality training material, step-by-step tutorials and videos available for all to access via our help center.

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