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10 Best Job Sites in Australia: A Recruiter's Guide

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Choosing the right job boards is crucial for every recruiter in Australia looking to land the right candidate. In this article, we take a look at some of the best job sites in Australia - along with the pros and cons of each option. Additionally, we will also provide some tips on how to make the most of these sites.

Best job sites in Australia


Founded in 1997, SEEK is one of the oldest and most popular job sites in Australia. It has a wide range of categories and offers access to a vast pool of potential candidates across ten countries: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, and Mexico.


  • Significant traffic in Australia and New Zealand
  • Easy-to-use, basic sign-up
  • Provides applicant monitoring, statistics, a resume database, and email scheduling
  • Hire applicants from ten different nations


  • No free plan
  • Classic plan limited to 1,000 Talent Search credits
  • Expensive for individual recruiters/ small staffing agencies

2. Indeed

Frequently listed among the largest and most well-known job boards in the world - over 60 countries, Indeed boasts an impressive range of categories and options for recruiters looking to fill their vacant positions as well as for job seekers seeking fresh opportunities.


  • Free job posting options
  • Built-in skills assessments to assist with candidate screening.
  • Integrates with companies' career pages.
  • The employer dashboard includes candidate and job management tools.
  • A huge database of over 200 million resumes.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps.


  • Unimpressive layout and navigation
  • Not as user-friendly for staffing agencies with smaller teams.
  • Must purchase a monthly subscription to access the resume database.
  • Free job posts can take a long time to appear online and risk losing visibility.
  • No email support.
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3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor has one of the largest databases of jobs - attract more than 50 million unique monthly visits, making it an ideal choice for those looking to land their next desired talent.


  • Employers can request, monitor, and respond to company interview reviews.
  • Lists paid job postings on Indeed
  • Targeted advertising options.
  • Integrates social media feeds with Glassdoor profile.
  • Have the employer center with a feature-rich account dashboard
  • Group affiliated company profiles, create segmented profiles
  • Analytics tools that provide many recruitment insights


  • Cannot post jobs directly to Glassdoor (must pay to post a job on Indeed to appear on Glassdoor).
  • Costly for those with small budgets.
  • Lacks advanced search options

4. LinkedIn

Widely regarded as the best channel for  social media recruitment, Linkedin offers access to a range of potential candidates - with the added advantage of allowing recruiters to easily connect with them.


  • A huge database of talent
  • Search filters & sorting options.
  • Detailed company profiles and employee reviews are available
  • Can be used for networking purposes too


  • Requires a premium subscription to be able to fully tap into its potential.
  • The job searching process can be slow and tedious.
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5. Jora

Jora, which forms part of the SEEK Group, is based out of Australia with a number of global networks with 36 country-specific sites. The website attracts almost 50,000 monthly traffic. A fast-growing job search engine that offers users access to both local and international opportunities.


  • Ten free job ads per month
  • List job ads from partner job boards and career sites
  • Have native mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • Diverse and supportive resources


  • Requires times for job ads to be reviewed and screened
  • Recruitment features like resume database, applicant tracking, and candidate screening tools are unavailable.

6. Monster

Monster is one of the most comprehensive job search sites in Australia, offering access to career advice and resources as well as a long list of potential job postings.


  • Various plans for different needs
  • A resume database of candidates with a search feature
  • Have a point of contact for every recruitment niche
  • Employers can contact candidates via message and email
  • A mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Helpful resource center


  • Need to spend more on employer branding and job post visibility
  • Limited resume views
  • Some plans exclude application alerts via email feature

7. Google for Jobs

Launched in 2017, this powerful job search engine has quickly become one of the most popular options for recruiters looking to fill their vacant positions.


  • Free of charge
  • Easy-to-use
  • Numerous filtering and sorting options
  • A comprehensive database of jobs.
  • Highly advanced machine learning algorithms are used to match candidates with desired roles.


  • No focus on employer brand
  • Only attract the active candidates
  • Results from other sites (e.g., LinkedIn) may not always show up in Google searches.

8. CareerOne

A long-standing presence in the Australian job market, CareerOne has a vast range of categories and options for both recruiters and job seekers. While job searchers can post their resumes and apply for positions without charge, employers can use the platform's selection of free and paid job posting plans.


  • Have both free and paid job posting packages
  • Bulk job posting options
  • Free job posts with the logo attached
  • Helpful resource center with recruitment tips and trends


  • No free trial with paid job posting package
  • Candidate screening and live interview options are unavailable

Best job sites in Australia - For industry-specific staffing

1. ArtsHub: Australia’s leading online resource for arts, culture, and entertainment industry jobs.

2. EthicalJobs: Australia’s leading job site for professionals looking to work in the ethical and sustainable sector.

3. MiningLink Jobs: Australia’s leading resource for mining industry jobs, with a range of roles available across various states and territories.

4. Retail Zoo Jobs: Australia’s leading online resource for retail and hospitality industry jobs, with a range of roles available across various states and territories.

5. EducationJobsAustralia: A dedicated job board for those looking to find teaching and education jobs in the Australian education sector.

6. The Loop Jobs: An online platform dedicated to finding creative professionals, such as designers and developers, freelance work, and full-time roles in their fields of expertise.

7. FlexCareers: A job board that helps employers find talented professionals who want to work part-time, flexible, or remote jobs.

8. Paddl: An online platform dedicated to connecting job seekers with employers and recruiters in the technology, digital, creative, and start-up sectors.

9. Sidekicker: A digital platform that helps connect employers with professional and reliable temporary staff.

10. Jora Local: Australia’s leading job board for professional, skilled, and semi-skilled workers looking to find short-term or permanent roles in the local area.

Tips on using the best job sites in Australia

Take advantage of advanced search features: Many job sites provide recruiters powerful filters that help narrow their searches by location, salary, skill set, etc. Make use of these tools to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Utilize multiple job sites: Don’t just rely on one site – use a combination of platforms to increase your chances of finding the right candidate for the role.

Check reviews and ratings: Read through user reviews, customer feedback, and ratings of each site to ensure you get the best possible service.

Create a compelling job listing: Make sure to include all the necessary information about the role, such as salary range, skills required, and location. Use industry-specific keywords and phrases to increase your reach.

Make sure listings are up-to-date: Go over each listing carefully to make sure that all information is accurate and up-to-date before submitting applications or interviewing candidates.

Pros & Cons of using job sites for recruitment



  • Increased visibility and reach, allowing employers to access a larger pool of potential candidates.

  • A more efficient way to search through applications and narrow down choices based on skills, qualifications, and other criteria.

  • Access to candidates who may not be actively seeking new positions but could still be interested in the opportunity.

  • Streamlined communication with applicants through automated messages and notifications.

  • The ability to quickly post job openings and track applicant progress in real-time.

  • Higher costs associated with subscription fees or pay-per-click model.


  • Limited control over the quality and quantity of applicants, as employers may receive many applications from unqualified candidates.
  • Difficulties in evaluating potential candidates with no detailed resumes or work experience listed on their profiles.

  • Time investment is required to sift through numerous applications and evaluate each one accurately.

  • Risk of getting overwhelming responses from applicants if too many job postings are made at once.

The good news is that now we have much all-in-one recruitment software - which is considered a great alternative. Because these tools possess most of the valuable features while minimizing the disadvantages of the job board with a more affordable price.

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