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A Client Portal Without The Fuss

A Client Portal Without The Fuss

Hands up if you’re tired of ‘chasing’ clients...hands up if you’re tired of hearing ‘Can you send me that CV again?’...and keep your hands up if you’re tired of scheduling & rescheduling interviews….

We get it…we know your time can be better spent making placements, so what if there was a better, faster and easier way of collaborating with clients and filling jobs?

Introducing the Candidate LiveList™, an online recruitment client portal that puts all candidate-related information and CVs in one easily accessible place for your clients to review.

What’s in it for your clients?

No more shuffling between emails and searching for lost documents

Ability to accept / reject candidates and schedule interviews directly

Remove rejected candidates and forward the list internally

Check the status of each candidate

Rate and add comments directly

What’s in it for you?

Increased efficiency: shortlist and send candidates in bulk over to your clients

Absolute control: attach the document of choice and the right executive briefs for each candidate - you decide what you share with clients

Enhanced branding: upload your logo so that it matches your company’s branding

Enhanced collaboration: get notified and respond to comments quickly

The Candidate LiveList™ helps you stand out from the competition by offering a collaborative platform that is as professional as the services you provide. It streamlines the candidate's search experience for your clients and increases client engagement.

Why ‘LiveList’? What’s ‘live’?

Any action your client takes will be updated and status reflected accordingly in the list (and inside Vincere against the record) in real-time. You can also send new candidates to the same Job, and these candidates will be added to the list and flagged as ‘new’ for your clients to review – awesome!

Check out the video here for a quick overview of what Candidate LiveList™ can offer:


Want to see the Candidate LiveList™ in action? Email to get a quick feature tour with our Candidate LiveList™ experts.