Access Recruitment CRM software review: an honest evaluation

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Why it’s important to implement the right  recruitment crm software for your agency

Selecting the right CRM for your recruitment agency is a core decision which has a huge impact on your operations. Automation, process and people will all benefit from you selecting a CRM that fits your business needs.

With the increasing importance of tech in the recruiting environment, recruitment crm software has become the backbone of your business enabling you to manage and optimise candidate and client interactions, enhance workflows and realise growth aspirations.

There are many benefits to implementing recruitment CRM software:

  • Improved engagement and relationship management: Track your interactions, preferences, and history to encourage better engagement and stronger relationships with candidates and clients
  • Smarter automation: Increase efficiency and productivity by automating the manual tasks to free up time and allow recruiters to focus on priority tasks
  • More focused insights: Gain access to centralised data including your candidate, client and job information and make informed decisions to improve your placement process
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration: Coordinate your efforts and communicate more effectively with cross-departmental staff across multiple locations, as well as your external stakeholders such as candidates and clients.

Investing time and effort in implementing the right recruitment CRM for your agency enables proper data analysis, mitigates data duplication, and provides streamlined efficiencies. Furthermore, your chosen CRM solution empowers your team to work cohesively, fostering an environment where employees feel empowered and focused on customer satisfaction. Basically, the recruitment CRM should reduce the heavy lifting and burdensome admin tasks so consultants can instead nurture their relationships with clients and candidates.  

Selecting the right partner to provide your recruitment CRM software

Selecting the perfect partner to provide your recruitment CRM is a critical decision that significantly influences the growth and success of your agency. The CRM you choose should align with your agency’s operations and growth aspirations.

The right recruitment CRM partner should offer:

  • A user-friendly platform that caters for permanent and temporary recruitment, according to your business model
  • The ability to integrate with other tech to help your efficiency drive and focus
  • Training and onboarding to help you extract the maximum ROI from your CRM
  • Customer support and account management
  • A track record of delivery and investment in ongoing software development

In essence, forging a solid partnership is the start of providing a candidate and client experience by underpinning it with technology that evolves your business.

In this article, we take a look at a well-known solution: Access Recruitment CRM. Here at Vincere, we are very aware of our capabilities, but we also appreciate that we may not be the best fit for all agencies. We aim to give an honest review of Access Recruitment CRM, helping you form a decision about what's right for your business.

Access Recruitment CRM - the key features 

Feature-rich and user-friendly 

As Access Recruitment CRM is designed around making recruitment agencies slicker and more efficient, they are always looking to innovate and help recruitment users be more effective.

As an example, their scheduler is perfect for a temp focused agency specialising in sectors such as industrial or education. With the ability to easily look up availability and schedule workers, roles are quickly filled. Additionally, the integration with background screening software saves time and ensures selected and placed candidates are compliant.

Integrates for success 

Linked to the above, Access Recruitment CRM is integrated with a range of third-party and other Access software, including Access Screening and Pay and Bill, to aid your success.

With the incorporation of Access Workspace App and Analytics within Access Recruitment CRM, users have a clear view of placement data, processes and the activities of other team members within your agency environment. This holistic view of your data helps you manage day-to-day tasks, and also informs long-term strategic decisions.

Created specifically for recruiters

Access Recruitment CRM has been created specifically for agencies by a development team with long tenure in the industry. The software is used by some of the largest recruiters in the UK providing peace of mind that the product will continue to be developed.

Packages to help you scale

The cost will be a key consideration when it comes to deciding on the CRM you want to implement. Ideally, you want to choose vendor and build a partnership that will support your ongoing growth, so that you don’t need to switch as you scale.

Access Recruitment CRM is a SaaS product with various packages available according to the complexity of your business and the support you require:

  • A monthly subscription rather than a huge upfront fee
  • Varying contract lengths
  • Easily understandable costs based on the number of licences you require
  • Implementation costs incorporated within the monthly fees
  • A range of customer support programmes

Further considerations relating to Access Recruitment CRM

Dependant on how you work, it’s worth being aware how Access Recruitment CRM handles the following areas.


When reviewing the software, whilst there are many benefits and features, one that doesn’t exist currently is a direct integration with LinkedIn. We know this professional social media platform is essential to many permanent recruiters. Vincere meanwhile does have an integration with LinkedIn, so this may sway your decision.

Access Recruitment CRM has a host of other integrations available that may influence your choice of CRM according to your front and back office integration requirements.  

A focus on temp agencies 

With the temporary worker scheduler, integration with screening software and rapid job creation tools, these will be especially favourable to agencies who focus on placing high volume temps.

Mobile optimisation 

Access Recruitment CRM is only available whilst working on a desktop machine – there currently isn’t an app for the product. However, workers can benefit from Access WorkView, a mobile app designed to help candidates easily find work, post their availability and log their hours. In turn this allows consultants to place temporary workers faster and more efficiently.


Investing in the right recruitment CRM software is critical for any agency to realise its growth ambitions. It’s the beating hub of your operations. Understanding the pros and cons of various CRM solutions is therefore a vital step in ensuring that you make the right investment choice for your business.

In this honest review of Access Recruitment CRM, there’s a lot to like about the platform. With its highly customisable features, this CRM is made for those recruitment agencies searching for a tailored solution to meet their own needs. It also offers strong integrations with other recruitment software to help you attract, manage and pay your candidates and clients.