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Connect3i: Moving on from frustrating systems

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1. About connect3i

Connect3i is a boutique talent acquisition and human resources partner designed for clients that are looking for something new. Whilst their head office is in Canberra, they specialise in connecting people for business critical positions all over Australia.

2. Moving on from frustrating systems

Connect3i founder, James Hall, spent much of his career in HR, and is a strong believer in
value-based partnerships.

He knew getting the right recruitment CRM partner was fundamental to his business, and so when he first set up Connect3i, he went with JobAdder. However, it didn't quite hit the sweet spot...until he found Vincere.

"The other software vendors have got it wrong. They are far too slow to go-live, and too expensive for what they offer. Vincere is simple and delivers fast ROI," said James Hall, Founder & Director of Connect3i.

“When I was using other systems, all my time was taken up with setting up the software and business workflows - that's a lot of my resources (up to 4 to 5 months) spent not focussed on billing. With Vincere, I was up and running in just 4 days - the time back was invaluable.”

3. A platform truly designed for client/candidate engagement

James found that Vincere had the most compelling proposition that was aligned to the values and needs of his business.

"The Defence and Security sector is notoriously complex. Trying to find niche people with the right clearances is a constant challenge. We take pride in finding quality candidates and delivering great client experiences - which is why Vincere works for us. Vincere’s engagement and communication capabilities help move our business forward. This is clever automation that actually impacts how I run my business day-to-day.”

For example, Connect3i has integrated the Engagement Hub on its website to attract new
candidates, automate compliance and onboarding, and send new applicants straight into Vincere ATS.

Compared with other systems on the market, James says “The reporting is far superior to anything I’ve worked with previously. They’re the market leaders when it comes to recruitment analytics, no doubt. The workflows and user functionality is so easy-to-use and, in my opinion, much better than the rest.”

4. Remarkable results & plans for more

Connect3i’s partnership with Vincere is paying off in just 5 months.

“Connect3i is growing, and looking to hired more consultants to keep up with the increased productivity we’ve had because of Vincere. Since we started in May 2019, productivity has increased by 40%. Our ability to get good candidates in front of clients really fast, and go through the whole sales cycle has increased by at least 40%.”

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